GODclick is the premier Internet advertising network for advertisers and publishers focused in the faith and family market

Our main objective is to become a solution to reach your goals in the faith and family market. As an experienced ad management company, we offer the opportunity to enhance your strategic sales and technology efforts through a valuable partnership as an advertiser or publisher.


Gain access to more than 50 million faith and family users with only the highest quality publishers online. Our publishers and advertisers work seamlessly to insure client satisfaction with detailed reporting. Enjoy comprehensive ad delivery with 24/7 service and support for smooth integration with third-party technologies. Read More.


GODclick partners with publishers to help generate more revenue from their online advertising inventory. Only the most appropriate faith and family publishers are considered in our network; but those who qualify benefit from access to the most prominent advertisers online. GODclick provides concentrated tools for managing valuable inventory and ensure the publisher receives accurate information. Read More.

Here are a few other stats you may be interested in knowing about GODclick:
* We provide relevant advertising that adds value to the website and strengthens the faith and family market. Faith. Family. Forever. That is the mission of GODclick.
* The largest online Christian Advertising Network. GODclick reaches over 52 million unique users online from the faith and family audience.
* GODclick offers advertisers direct access to mllions of Christians via the top inspirational Christian web sites.
* GODclick is currently at 50,000,000 uniques/month and growing rapidly.
* GODclick is quickly reaching the very forefront of faith based internet advertising. We pride ourselves to be the leaders in reaching a concentrated audience of Christian consumers.
* GODclick offers a method to efficiently reach this market with one easy buy, encompassing our entire network.
* GODclick offers 100% Christian sites and takes the worry out of possible inappropriate content.
* GODclick delivers a loyal Christian buyer. Marketers who recognize their buying power will win their repeat business.