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Greg Swan | CEO


Greg Swan grew up in suburban Detroit the son of a Chrysler executive, Warren Swan, who wrote Lee Lacocca’s speeches. Greg became an inspirational software publisher for 14 years, publishing and selling 31 million CDs. He eventually transitioned his software company, Rhinosoft, into a digital ad network known as GODclick.com. (Every church goer in America). He is currently the majority owner.


Greg, a Time Inc. advertising veteran, reinvented his career in 2007 by founding Detroit Digital Advertising and making the switch to the digital advertising industry. Today- Detroit Digital Advertising is known for representing the very best digital advertising solutions in the Automotive Industry for analytics, display, mobile, social, video and programmatic with sales over $30,000,000 to its credit since 2009.


E: Greg@DetDig.com | Greg@GODclick.com

P: 248 667 2722 | 248 730 3869