Catholic Adtech for Churchgoers, High Schoolers & Collegians

GODclick identifies Church & class attending phone’s IMEI #s.

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identifier. To see your cell phone’s device ID press: *#06#

GODclick’s exclusive location tech drops a polygon on selected buildings. Visiting iPhones and Androids are ID’d as Catholic attenders for advertising to directly.

Top 3 Supergroups of U.S. Catholic College Admissions

Catholic Churches | Catholic High Schools | Catholic Colleges

Church Challenge:

Students in Catholic colleges and universities decreased for the first time since stats began in 1970.* 2021: 730,803 – down 53,987 from 2015: 784,790.

Mission Million:

Guide 1 Million students into Catholic colleges & universities by 2030 via location tech.

S U M M A R Y :

HOW: Polygon Location Tech | WHO: Catholic College Prospects | WHAT: Mobile Ads | WHEN: After ID’d | WHERE: Catholic’s Phones | WHY: Precision

CPM: $14.95