Audigent’s Road Map starts with Audi

Dear Matt-

I happily discovered in our conversation that Audigent has enabled its sales team to claim two important USPs: 1) “We can solve your problem for no extra money by simply diverting existing budget into our solution. We’re already fully integrated with all your DSP partners.” 2) “We’re poised for the Cookieless Future.” Like Wayne Gretzky, Audigent has skated “to where the puck is GOING to be.”

In my opinion those Audigent advantages will prove critical in creating new client and agency relationships – especially securing those important first meetings. And yet we’ll likely need more than that as we compete in an ecosystem glutted with nearly 10,000 digital vendors vying for the top 100 budgets. In that regard, experience and relationships can often make a big difference. So as requested I will outline the accounts I can walk Audigent into immediately.

My connections are automotive centric because 1) I love cars their 2) Consolidated global budgets and 3) Auto is in my DNA – My father was Chrysler Executive who wrote speeches for Lee Iacocca. My experience is for you to decide if it will be beneficial to Audigent. At the end I will include proof links because “evidence defeats doubt”. I learned that principle in my Dale Carnegie Sales Course. As a student of selling I have also taken the Sandler Sales Course and the IAB’s Digital Media Sales Course.

Since 2009, I sold $40M in Digital Media to the Automotive OEMS.

American Automotive                                        

General Motors | Ford Motor Company | Stellantis

Chevrolet | Lincoln | Dodge

Buick | Ford Car Division | Jeep

GMC | Ford Truck Division | RAM

Cadillac | Chrysler/FIAT


Carat | GTB | UM

West Coast Imports:

Secured significant Mazda schedules driven by relationships with fellow Detroiters Mark Brown (agency) and Jim O’Sullivan (CEO). 

Other tests I’ve secured and divisions I’ve called on: 

Nissan, Honda, Hyundai, Toyota  (at one point I was runner up for Hyundai CMO. Only lack of broadcast buying prevented me from securing that position). Lexus, Acura, KIA and Infiniti.

East Coast Imports:

MB, VW, BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Subaru, Volvo and Mini.

Digital Ad Tech Companies I contracted to sell into the auto vertical:

Disney, Newsweek, LiveIntent, Expedia, Adaptly, Visible Measures, Spot X Change, Truste, Digilent, Sharethrough, Scan Scout, Tremor, Solve Media, Jun Group, Pixel Mags, Adsafe, Collective Intellect (Oracle) Wal-Mart Game Center, Value Click Media, TripleLift, ALC, FourSquare,, Sonobi, Sojern, Blip, ALC, Pixel Mags, Radium One, Bidtellect, Collective, Godclick and Vistar Media.

Page 4 of My Deck (screen shot below) summarizes how out of my 5,321 first degree LinkedIn connections, I have 100s of first degree connections to every American OEM and dozens of first degree connections to Import Automotive clients.

Solomon said “Let another praise you, not your own mouth; a stranger, not your own lips.” But this is an interview where humility often takes a back seat. So here are two accomplishments I feel most proud of:

  1. I documented Detroit’s Comeback while meeting over 90% of Automotive’s VIPs in the process. Check out this inspiring 6 minute film with Detroit’s own Eminem. He granted us permission to use his music as a backdrop to “Heroes Of Detroit” Link => HeroesOfDetroit | Password: HeroesOfDetroit (note use of capital letters). It was a labor of love that became extremely fruitful in creating high level connections. Most of those guys buy Super Bowl spots.
  1. I am an Eagle Scout. That brand seems to stand for “resourceful, hardworking, honest, and finisher.” I aspire to always live up to that code, and if I fall short, “Always we begin again.”

Here is that mentioned a proof link with my Resume, One Sheet, and Deck. It is stocked with photo evidence of us with most C Suite Automotive Advertising decision makers…like good friend Marissa Hunter, CMO of Stellantis, or “bestie” Kevin Brown – GM’s lead digital buyer who is also in a band with my wife. It also includes us with Detroit’s CEOs, whom we actually know. For references you’ll discover three at the bottom of this resume.

Conclusion: A Gregory Swan hire is a win-win. Audigent gets immediately inside GM’s EV planning. Swan is back “home” in LA, commuting from Laguna Beach, subsisting on “Lamb Pops”.

I look forward to next steps. Thank you for the opportunity!

Gregory Swan | 248 667 2722

Breaking open Auto is tough. Sometimes it helps who you know…
…or if your wife is planning GM’s biggest seller – the Electric Silverado to compete with Ford’s F-150 Lightning.
Naturally, you’ll need trust. “A scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.” We learned grit on the journey to Eagle.