Dogs are Trying to Teach Me Something Today

I’ve seen the purple signs all over town – even last night while walking my own dogs at an abandoned building’s parking lot! Some one lost their dog and could only cope by plastering color copy signs so prolifically that every local politician ought to try to hire the owner.

Early this morning my daily 1 Year Bible reading sounded like “Toto too”: “So Tobias and Raphael left and Tobias’ Dog followed him…The young man, the Angel and the Dog traveled until night began to overtake them.”*

By mid morning I happened to drive by the veterinary place where my own first dog Gabie died after being hit by a car in the summer of ’75. As tragic as it was, it was a family bonding experience that resonates like glue to this day.

We played “Lady” by John Denver that night at her funeral as we buried her in the back yard. Eventually in Telluride, CO I had the bizarre privilege of telling John Denver personally why “Lady” makes me cry to this day. He laughed and said “No one has ever told me my music was played at dog’s funeral. That is far out.”

My adopted Mama King once was struggling with grief over losing her precious Capone, so I wrote a eulogy for this Prince among dogs to help bring closure. (pdf-

Then just now in my “Daily Carnegie Reading” re-reading the classic “How to Win Friends”, I get his “Tippy Lightning” story and it all became too much to hold in.

So since life just put this on me – now I’m putting it on you. The “friend winning tip” is nice, but the dog loss stories are life’s punch in the gut. To cope myself I’ll need to call that “Purple Flyer Dog Owner” and tell him or her that “EVERY dog deserves to be loved as much by an owner like you!”

“Lady” by John Denver

*Tobit 5:17, 6:1 TLB