Posted 10/24/22

As Halloween bears down, “I got a rock” was again quoted in our home this week. Today I decided to check in on old Charlie Brown – THE Charlie Brown of “Charlie Brown Christmas”. In irony of art imitating life, like when Charlie pays for Lucy’s Psychiatric help, confiding “I feel depressed. I know I should be happy, but I’m not.”: – I must have been the last to discover Charlie Brown committed suicide this year:

Ouch – there goes my childhood. So for redemption I checked in on Linus to get the “True Meaning of Christmas”, officially known as “The greatest 90 seconds in animation history”: UNFORTUNATELY, I found out Linus died in 2010 in his early 50s of “natural causes”, whatever that means. Lucy is still around and probably regrets yanking that football. 

Still, I’m struggling to somehow draw meaning out of Charlie’s life, so now I encourage anyone who needs to hear it – to “Never Give Up!” And if that doesn’t work, why not take one more look at the TRUE MEANING of Christmas – and of life?: