45 minutes guarantees no student is fooled by fentanyl. #1 Film, LIVE parents, PPTw/facts, Survey, Naloxone demo + free boxes, Never Try – Never Die, Q & A.

High Five For Fentanyl Fathers!

1) Ohio’s Jay Crawford on NBC Channel 3 in Cleveland on Fentanyl Fathers

2) Alaska ABC Anchorage Fentanyl Fathers Coverage

3) Alaska FOX Anchorage Fentanyl Fathers Coverage

4) Alaska NBC Anchorage coverage of Fentanyl Fathers Assembly

5) Detroit Free Press Coverage of Fentanyl Fathers Assembly

6) Entire Fentanyl Fathers assembly filmed at Anchorage’s South High 

7) “The National Organization called Fentanyl Fathers” 

8) “Really moving – a very good lesson for our generation to help out a lot of kids.”