SHHHH. The great SILENCER: FENTANYL. I am more apt to believe I’m Rod Serling narrating “The Twilight Zone” or Ingrid Bergman starring in “Gaslight”. WAR brought out the unified, noble idealists that demanded we STOP! We did. Drunk Driving made nearly all mothers so MADD they demanded justice. They got it. So when Fentanyl kills 10 to 20 times as many as those two – per year, we hire Jiminy Cricket as a spokesperson. I’m lost.

A complicit media censors it. Politicians escort it across our border, and dumb ass high schoolers gobble it up like it’s from a Pez dispenser. Ba BYE oh! Families are wrecked forever and the official narrative is “NOTHING to see here.” UNBELIEVABLE! “And the three men I admire most, The Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost, They caught the last train for the coast The day COMMON SENSE died”.

Grim Reaper is laughing and laughing at us. Having gotten one of those cheery phone calls from him myself, I’ll do some of this (Hammer Politicians) and that (Warn High Schoolers) =>, but until the media stops lying about it – the carnage of our kids will continue. Oh the joy. I gotta tell ya there’s nothing as wonderful as the funeral of a young person. Good times.