How can YOU help? Adopt a High School.

We’re All of us – over 100,000 last year – lost our kid. That doesn’t even include their mothers, and everyone knows by now how MADD they can get. Hopeless, it seemed our child’s life and all we poured into it amounted to nothing. Ship sunk, plane crash, train wreck. UNLESS…just one more kid can hear our story and get ILL thinking about ever taking a pill. That actually redeems our kid. That makes his life count. That means he didn’t live or die in vain. That thought gets us out of bed in the morning. Sure – other kids will be saved. Of course our kid’s life mattered and continues to have an impact. But to this father, saving a family, friends and community from the death of a young loved one is the bigger pay off. Death at that age is an avalanche – it takes out everything in its path.

In China, selling Fentanyl takes place in Sky Scrapers with young men in suits wearing head sets. It is considered a “good job” and backed by the Chinese government. China is too big to take on. Our southern border is open for business. 80% of Fentanyl gets through from Mexico. Mexico and our border is too big to take on. That leaves the trenches, the high schools, the hand to hand combat in the streets. That we CAN do.

We spook kids so bad they go crying to the counselor’s office confessing “Oh no – I smoked street weed that coulda been laced!” or “No way! I bought some Oxy on Snapchat. I coulda died man!” But they didn’t die, and going forward, they won’t die from Fentanyl – and that’s the point. We hear the same thing over and over after every High School Assembly presentation. We get hand written letters about it. They all say this: “I had NO IDEA!” This “problem”, or “Fentanyl plague” as President Biden described it yesterday to Mexico’s President – is one loaded up plane crashing every day.

It’s the most underrated biggest catastrophe in American History – by far. Add up all the kids that died from cancer last year, all the drunk driving deaths last year, all covid deaths under 40, all 9/11 deaths, and all plane crash victims ever – literally since the Wright Brothers – plus all deaths in Vietnam – and you’re SHORT compared to those who died of Fentanyl just last year. It’s mind blowing the attention this DOESN’T get compared to those lesser “problems”.

We exist to freak kids OUT. And it’s working. Had your mind blown recently? Invest 21 minutes and watch DOA: What can YOU do? Find a High School where this has already happened. Adopt it, take responsibility by saying “Look, you need to see a presentation so it doesn’t happen again here.” Then come to the presentation. Look around. With an average of 4 kids per high school per year dying of this crap, odds are good you saved a life. Think about it over night maybe? It’s not for everyone. It wasn’t for me. Then Drew died. Now He lives in Heaven and I talk to him like a crazy person and hope no one hears me. You can meet him at Now you know.