True Success – I FOUND IT!

Success has a first name: Don. Also a last one: Hanson. I just hung up the phone with Success, or Don if you will. You’ll agree – you’ll have to if you read this article from “The Faces of Lake Country”:

First of all – what is success? That’s easy – HAPPINESS. The Pursuit of it resides in the very heart of our Declaration of Independence. Don is no longer in pursuit. He CAPTURED it – he lives it – he IS SUCCESS.

I spent an idyllic time raising my boys in Oconomowoc, WI, a real life Mayberry RFD. It sits on a lake called Fowler where people take a daily 2 mile walk around as it winds through town and everyone says “hi” to everyone. 

When Donny was starting his “career” at Oconomowoc’s Herr’s Mobile, I asked him “So where you going to end up?”. “Right here” he deadpanned. “This is it. This is what I do.” I felt like I just belittled his work choice and apologized for my pompous assumption he was at some “holding job” until something better came up.

In late December of 2006, Don noticed I filled up my gas tank – not just the usual $20. He deduced a road trip and inquired “Where ya headed Greg?” Sheepishly I admitted “Donny, (sigh) I’m driving 400 miles for the mere HOPE of a kiss on New Year’s Eve.” Don didn’t hesitate and shot back my send off encouraging word: “I’ve driven farther for less.” I married that girl:

After reading the referenced article, I just had to call Don today. He remembered me from 15 years ago “Of course Greg – Rhinosoft!” (My old company). It wasn’t fair – it still isn’t. Don is STILL happy, damnit, and I wanted to know his secret. Throughout our conversation of his chuckles and calling me “Sir”, he shared he’s been married 20 years, has a 15 and a 10 year old, and has only New York City to complete his MLB Stadiums tours to checking the box 100%. So he IS ambitious.

Don was devastated for me when I told him we lost our Drew ( “Greg – I’m so, so sorry! I KNEW Drew!” Then he laid it on me – the secret to his success: “It was the way I was brought up Greg – I treat people the way I’d like to be treated.” Fade to black…but add this for an encore. Don admitted “I’ve still NEVER had a bad day.” And finally from that article – What is Home to Donny? “Family, love and comfort.”

I told Donny “Don my boy – your LIFE has preached a better and bigger sermon to me than I have ever heard in any Church.” We ended with his “Greg…thank you. Thank you so much!” 

Once again, I give you Donny, who appears to have rejected Satan and all his empty show: Success, as it turns out, is right in front of you. 

“Too late came I to love you, O Beauty both so ancient and so new! Too late came I to love you – and behold you were with me all the time . . .”― Saint Augustine