Alaska – all churches already polygonned, sorted ascending: 

Baptist: 40-191 = 151 Churches.

~Nancy Dahlstrom is BAPTIST.

Catholics row 194-256 = 62 Churches.

~ Mike Dunleavy is CATHOLIC.

Lutheran 559-609 = 50 Churches.

~ Churchgoers are GOP and Pro-Life

ALL Churches are PRO – Religious Freedom! (Under attack).

Tomorrow I am getting a price which may be LOWER for Video than it was last month. It will be executed on Xander (Microsoft).

Spread sheet is adopted from Oklahoma Governors race to display DOOH strategy.

I recommend minimally go with Video/Mobile campaign to Alaska’s 178,800+ Church Goers. DOOH (Billboards) if budget allows. $25K can be split up either way. If Mobile Only – I suggest you start with $10K before August primary.

Creative has a Faith Based/Pro-Life positioning – Safe and recommended contextually.

I am available 10-1:30 EST and after 3:30 EST Monday. Good time to connect again? Please LMK-

Greg Swan | Greg@GODclick.com | 248 667 2722