I’ve stooped to a lot of new lows in my life – but rock bottom hadn’t arrived…UNTIL NOW! I’m officially jealous of a Priest. Vow of celibacy AND poverty – one of those guys. Not only is he annoyingly BETTER looking than Hollywood’s best (trust me I saw Top Gun last night – they pale), he has the #1 PODCAST in America!

Who CARES what he’s talking about from 7-8 tonight? I’m going. Maybe I can touch the hem of his garment, or his shadow will pass by me, OR he’ll tell me how to do a similar podcast only with lay people so I can compete with him. I’ll settle for half his success!

Here’s where – arrive early or be standing in obstructed view: VENUE National Shrine of the Little Flower Basilica 2100 West 12 Mile Road. Time: 7pm start. June 7th. That’s TONIGHT, btw. | lnkd.in/ge8MKKxR. Already bought the website to compete with this Priest – now to create some CONTENT for it: The1YearBible.com