Mothers are MADD. Fathers are FURIOUS!

ScoreboardDrunk Driving Deaths: 2020 =11,654. 2021 Drug ODs: 108,000; 71,000 from Fentanyl. Why should MADD get all the LOVE?! Now DAD is MAD!

Fentanyl’s Coming! Fentanyl’s Coming!

Drop the mic.

The message isn’t complicated. Being dead is super simple. You just dead, sucka. Let a pill pass your lips, and like Russian Roulette, SOME of you will die. Your family will be destroyed. Take my kid for example. Oh wait. Opioids already did. DrewSwan.com is all that’s left of him. 1988-2013.

Will you help me make his life count? Let’s hold each other and take an Oath – THE Opioid Oath – and agree – NOT US! Not ANY of us!

The Good News is – We’re not here to rain on your Pot Parade. Drunken Driving lectures ain’t our job…and no sex warnings either. We have ONE THING to say, and we’ll say it together so you can take the rest of the day off from school. Fair?

“I VOW to NEVER TRY so I will


Fentanyl has finally forced its infamy and fathers are furious! Just ask the DEA. FAIL – MASSIVE FAIL: Arizona remains OPEN. Fentanyl will continue to pour in. New Speaker McCarthy promises (bottom of link) to fix it, but there’s no time to wait for that promise. No action NOW is DEAD KIDS tomorrow! The Government has NOT protected our kids. Now it’s up to MAD DADS – us bereaved parents – and I mean REALLY BEREAVED. We’re getting on our horses and sounding the alarm from sea to shining sea. Organized. Incentivized. Savin’ LIVES! Fentanyl Fathers UNITE!

Backed by the same government that failed to protect our country from this deadly invasion, now they’ll make good along with us fathers as we endeavor to fix this mess. Long term with a secure border – yes. Short term – DO SOMETHING about the Fentanyl that just crossed the Idaho border. The Michigan Border. The Pennsylvania border. We need to get in front of these kids ASAP and change course. WE CAN DO IT – We’re more passionate about this than you’ll ever know – and may you NEVER know the grief we know!

THIS IS IT. Appoint, anoint, send, green light – or just get OUT OF MY WAY. FACT: I’m the Father of Fentanyl Fathers. Quick story: In 2018, I partnered with my wife Kristine Bonds and WE ran for Congress on one issue: OPIOIDS. We met with Speaker Ryan’s team to get vetted. 6 months earlier Senator McCain had STOPPED Opioid help by his thumbs down. 30,000 more young Americans died in those 6 months. We “challenged” Ryan’s team to DO SOMETHING. 4 days later, Speaker Ryan added Opioids to the SOTU. President Trump sold it and $6,000,000,000 (Six Billion Dollars) to fight the epidemic was the result. We never saw a dime but heard a lot of PSAs. We did one ourself with Dr. Alveda King. Deaths dropped from 70K to 50K a year for 2 years. That’s 40,000 lives SAVED! True story. Ask Congressman Kerry Bentivolio.

These ain’t your father’s drugs. School Assemblies for 1 purpose: Stayin’ Alive!

Conclusion, The Plan, The ASK: Send US. Send us into packed School Assemblies. This is 10X as urgent as the ubiquitous and much more famous Drunk Driving Messages from MADD.org. We have an ARMY of ANGRY, willing Parents. Convictions alone won’t stop it. Awareness is our last hope to make our late kid’s lives MATTER. And that is what we demand – their deaths are the seeds that will save THIS generation: “I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat is planted in the soil and dies, it remains alone. But its death will produce many new kernels—a plentiful harvest of new lives.-John 12:24, NLT

Fentanyl Fathers need to do this full time immediately – NATIONALLY! Recruit, schedule, train, and DO School Assemblies with real Fentanyl Fathers across America. Together, we’ll scare these kids straight. Not from weed, or alcohol, or illicit sex. That’s up to mothers, preachers, pastors and Priests. We’ll do ONE THING. After emotionally hooking them with the story of our own kid’s surprise demise – we’ll take a simple Oath together (I vow to never try so I will never die from Opioids) and give them the day off. Drop the mic. Lives saved. Prevention was never THIS effective.

The Government won’t stop, can’t stop the Fentanyl – that became obvious when Arizona went down. But the Government can lead in the prevention game until the Cavalry catches up (Real border security). Going forward, lead by Speaker McCarthy and original Fentanyl Father Gregory Swan – we’ll drive the demand for Fentanyl into the dust where it belongs! In person assemblies THIS shocking will command bi-partisan press coverage that cannot be denied of its self evident noble cause.

Next Steps: Mr. Swan to meet with Speaker McCarthy’s team and roll this URGENT plan out in all 50 States. #justKNOW says the DEA? “Just” is short for “Justify” the 100,000 DEAD on their watch. Fentanyl Fathers say “Let’s roll!”

FENTANYL | FATHERS founder Greg Swan is a MAD DAD on a MISSION to stop our kid’s Carnage. Opioids killed DrewSwan.com. | Greg@GODclick.com

Fentanyl deaths leapfrogged Drunken Driving and Heroin ODs to become USA’s #1 “National Security Crisis.”

GOOD NEWS: Lawmakers finally caught on and made LAWS regarding our official #1 problem. The Pandemic hid this epidemic / national security crisis / weapon of mass destruction. The infamy superlatives are exhausted because the death FENTANYL causes is unprecedented. (108,000 dead last year, 10 times as many as Drunk Driving). The two new law links are below, but wait – there’s MORE! 

MAD DADS known as Fentanyl Fathers are coming to lecture your kids in school assemblies across America. THEIR kids died so YOURS don’t have to! Tell your little darlings to relax – no pontificating about weed, alcohol or sex. JUST the forbidden fruit – the one the little dummies think comes in cute colors and gives a real high. Oh they’ll be high all right – all the way to Heaven, if they’re lucky. You’ll be left behind – destroyed. DON’T become a Fentanyl Father! To book your school assembly – email Fentanyl Father founder Greg Swan: Greg@GODclick.com. Subject: High School Assembly Request. Fentanyl Fathers: We’re not monkeying around.

“We cannot stand idly by and allow the fentanyl epidemic to wreak havoc on individuals, families, and communities across our state,” Senator Murkowski said.


Funerals: Friends of Drew in Florida; Family in Wisconsin. STOP THE SADNESS!