UNPLANNED can still change America November 8th! Support is pouring in from UNPLANNED’s producers, directors, writers, actors and The CATHOLIC CHURCH.

Lifelong Pro-Life champion J.T. Finn of California confirmed in phone call with UNPLANNED producer John Hinterlong that John would “love to see UNPLANNED streaming FREE at through November 8th.” Hinterlong is also President of The Right to Life League in Southern California.

John “Loves the idea of using UNPLANNED to educate people to VOTE PRO-LIFE.”

John is now asking key UNPLANNED writers, directors, & producers including Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon for approval on

The Vice President of (The Catholic Church in the United States) Archbishop Allen Vigneron through his head of communications Edmundo Reyes said in a email to‘s Gregory Swan on 10-18-22 that they will “use all available communication resources to promote watching the film INCLUDING REQUIRING PRIESTS to promote it during their weekly homilies through Election Day.”

Proposal to to HOST the movie for streaming:

HOSTING: Host the Film on Suggested URL: Added Value: The stars of the film along with the writers and producers will be AVAILABLE for interviews on’s 24/7 shows for intriguing, TIMELY content.

PUBLICITY: Salem’s Mike Gallagher and Hugh Hewitt (Catholics) will most likely promote it heavily. The rest of the team (Charlie Kirk, Dennis Prager, Eric Metaxas, etc.) will be strongly encouraged to promote awareness of its availability – compliance and enthusiastic support is expected. (See below graphic.)

PROMOTION: Catholic Coverage: The key Senate Swing States of PA, GA, NV, AZ, WA, NC, NHOH, & WI, plus the 5 Abortion Bill States of CA, KY, MI, MT, VT will have the MAIDs (Mobile Ad IDs) of the U.S. Catholic Church Goers (attenders) reminded via direct advertising through of their Church’s national position as stated by Archbishop Vigneron here.

Protestant Coverage: We’re seeking to advertise to Protestant Church goers to compliment the Catholic Churches already covered. Interested parties include (Susan B. Anthony) and (Right to Life of Michigan). Naturally we invite Mike Lindell and his team to provide resources and efforts to help Win the key Senate Swing States to ensure a balanced pro-life faith vote coverage.

Opportunity Deadline: With just 3 Sunday Church Services between now and the November 8th election we obviously need to move ASAP.

NEXT STEP: If/when UNPLANNED producer’s approve, we’ll let you know immediately. ==> UPDATE: A text message from John Hinterlong to J.T. Finn indicated producers Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon were “MOST LIKELY TO GREEN LIGHT APPROVAL.”

We hope and actively pray can HOST and announce this amazing PRO-LIFE film, for FREE viewing, through November 8th.

Note to KG:

We understand your earlier response about Mike Lindell not having distribution rights to the film, therefore needing approval from Chuck and Cary. KG – thank you for quickly getting back to me with your prior response on this. Our entire team really appreciates it!

ONWARD & UPWARD: When Chuck and Cary (“highly likely”) provide written, legal authorization for FrankSpeech to stream the movie, is Mike open to hosting the film on

May God work miracles, and help UNPLANNED save a generation of babies. How else could America ever be made great again?

Sincerely in Christ,

Greg Swan

CEO, | 248 667 2722 |