Have you seen this man?

Do you know this guy?

He’s a few things that I know of but most things I don’t know of – yet.

Impressive is he. He made you, he made the world, the stars, time, space, etc.

Scary is he. He can have both body and soul thrown into Hell. He really should be addressed as “Sir” for that reason alone in my opinion.

He runs a monarchy, bit of dictatorship, and it’s generally his way or the highway. He has been accused of heading an authoritarian regime. I would argue he let’s people do whatever they want – for a while.

Talented is he. He loves style points – surprising you in ways that as hard as you try to write them off to coincidence, you really know they would be statistically impossible.

Patient is he. He let’s you have your “fun” and yet – no lightning bolt has struck you yet? Why?

Controlling is he. “He’s got the whole wide world in his hands” isn’t just a song. It’s a song for a reason. 

Framed is he. He gets blamed for a lot of bad things happening. When raged against, you realize he doesn’t have to answer to you. Low self esteem was never his thing.

You can’t force the guy or stop him. So many have tried – all have failed.

So why is he so popular? Why is the world calendar based on his life time on Earth? Why is he the dividing point?

Ahhhhh but his FRIENDSHIP! Get into this boy’s inner circle and you’re over the target of Nirvana. Utopia is real. It goes by “Paradise” and you don’t always have to wait to die to experience it.

He throws out the bone of bones to chew on. His message is “Hey, wanna be friends?” If waves and billows sweep over you and you find yourself in the belly of the whale, if you call his name, he’ll come running to see you again.

Have your back? Check.

Make you laugh? Check.

Calm you down and back it up with real security? Check.

Use your suffering by giving it meaning and purpose? Check and check.

As smart, talented, capable and yes, scary as the guy can be, he might be embarrassed to admit how vulnerable he is to your rejection of his FRIENDSHIP. It’s no picnic for him, but he sucks it up – tapping his divine patience and continues in hot pursuit, never giving up. 

He’s a linebacker who stays home with the quarterback – you. His plan is to tackle you – even from behind if necessary, even at the expense of being called for roughing the quarterback. If he finally does, after handing you the choice of scrambling or throwing down field, you may turn around as he helps you up from the astroturf – real sportsman like, and you may blurt out “WHAT?! What do you want?! You’re so relentless you’re driving me nuts! Spit it out boy! State you case!”

Sheepishly – almost like the Cable Guy pursuing Matthew Broderick only without the lisp, his most likely response will be “Hey man. Wanna hang out?”

All the show, all the chase, all of it, is much ado about that one thing for him. You have it. He wants it. He wants you to give him the shot. He knows what he brings to the table in terms of friendship. He will never let you down and he will never leave you. He’ll make you laugh and he’ll cry right along side with you. 

As for why he made mosquitos or why you had to lose this or that person, he’ll explain – but later. He knows his genius side can be off putting and overwhelming. For now he’s saying “Look – seriously – can we be friends?”

He seems complicated when contemplated but he is no drama queen. He means it – he offers and deeply desires, like a great lover who must have the one he loves, that you would choose to say: “Sure – let’s do this. Where do we begin? How do we begin?” The smile you put on his face at that moment allows him to tell himself that all the humiliation was worth it. He won you. To him – you’re the lotto. To you – he is also the lotto. Sit back and enjoy the show, it’s going to be a grand adventure. It may be a roller coaster at times, drinking through a firehose at other times, and sometimes walking through the desert. Friends the whole time, hand in hand, big smile on his face.

Ahhhhhh but his friendship! 

Personally I have been enemies with this guy and I have been friends with this guy. I’d rather be friends.

One tip. If he tells you a cheesy joke you don’t find funny, give him a courtesy laugh. He likes that. And enjoy those style points. You just joined a very exclusive club of two. You and Him.

~The End~

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