If I could travel “Somewhere in Time” I’d head to 1904. First, I’d quick apply at the new Ford Motor and then go find Ethel Howard and marry her. She graduated from Northwestern but Hillsdale College Republicans Chi Omega fraternity sisters subscribe to “The Symphony.” I heard about it in this video on “What College Is Meant To Be”: https://www.hillsdale.edu/…/what-college-is-meant-to-be/

As it is – I market to Ford Motor Company and my wife graduated from Northwestern University

Ethel’s Symphony is timeless – how much I would benefit if I began apply it to family, work, friends and decisions. 

She was a woman with purpose. What ever happened to Ethel? More like, Ethel happened to the world: http://125.chiomega.com/story/1-whateverhappenedtoethel/