Situation: America’s youth are being fooled into thinking fake pills they can obtain as easily as ordering Pizza are real prescriptions. They’re not. 60% are fatal fentanyl, poisoning kids to death.

Behavior: Ordered on any app, delivered to your door, right under parent’s noses. 110,626 died last year – a U.S. record. It’s a suburb and a city problem. It happens when kids experiment. Unfortunately, there is no second chance with this experiment.

Impact: It’s not just the youth who dies. The family is totally devastated. Friends are completely lost without their “buddy”. It is so, SO SAD for everyone!

Awareness is the #1 way to fight back. A High Schooler would never drink gasoline. Once a student realizes that taking a non-prescribed pill is drinking gasoline, they get it. Our film DOA, facts and a slide show drive the point home presented by the voice of experience – a parent who already lost their child to the opioid epidemic. Together we say “I’ll never try so I’ll never die from Fentanyl!” Free NARCAN given to anyone who wants it barring Parental / Principle approval.