Agent Mojo. My wife Kristine Bonds plans EV Fleet for GM and Kevin Brown is Carat’s Lead GM digital buyer.
The Glory Days. I have this used book for you for our early February meeting. I’ll never read it.
Heroes Of Detroit | Password: HeroesOfDetroit (Note Upper Case)

Three Recent References

Disney: “I can make this note very short. I can afford to be brief because Greg Swan is a killer asset for any organization to have in its arsenal. Greg opens doors, delivers value, and closes deals. Our revenue fortunes in Detroit were solely a result of Greg’s stellar work. On a professional level I have found few people that have the intelligence, creativity, instincts and desire that Greg possesses. On a personal level Greg is also earnest, sincere, passionate and respectful. If you possibly need anything else please do not hesitate to email, call, or set up a LinkedIn group called “Why Greg Swan is terrific” and I’d be the first to sign up. Jason R. Krebs SVP, Chief Media OfficerDisney’s Maker Studios.”

Cadillac: “Knowing Greg Swan and Detroit Digital and from all I have seen about their work for GM and for other clients, I can certainly recommend him without any hesitation. Over and above the fact that Greg is a highly professional business partner and an incredibly delightful person, he is also one of the best-connected individuals in the automotive arena of Detroit. Kind regards, Uwe. Uwe Ellinghaus Chief Marketing Officer Cadillac 100 Renaissance Center | Mail Code: 482-A23-D46 Detroit, Michigan 48264

Client – AcuityAds: “You were a great partner in the early years of Visible Measures. THANK YOU for introducing me to the Motor City clients. Couldn’t have done it without you.” Seraj Bharwani Chief Strategy Officer. | To interview Greg you may email

GREAT kid! Wish I met Trevor. Please tell Kimberlee needs her for Ohio!


Kimberlee’s raw July 25, 2022 pain is fuel to save other kids.

I did radio when I was raw like her. Part 1 and Part 2.

My Drew.

“We’ll strengthen and encourage each other on our pilgrimage here on earth to finish our race strong. We’ll constantly look forward to our real home in Heaven with all our loved ones, where we long to hear the words “Well done, good and faithful servant”. If we are separated through death for a season, we will not despair. Rather, we will fulfill our duties here as we eagerly anticipate our grand reunion in our permanent, imperishable home, where our true happiness remains safe forever.Signed by Drew