Jack McCarthy Forever. The password is “Trillion”.

What would you do if you could go back to this moment? If it were my son, I’d pitch a tent and live in that moment forever. As I ponder my favorite moments with “my little guy” as I’d tell myself he was when he was a newborn and I was away on a trip – I think of scenarios like this particular pictured moment of Jack. In my Heaven, I was reminded from a voice that did not originate from myself, that I have the option of living in those favorite moments for “A trillion years, for starters. Wrap your head around that number.” I replied to the voice “I’d settle for 1 trillion seconds”. The voice shot back – “Find our how many years that is.”

The math showed 1 trillion seconds is just over 31,709 years. Huh. My guess is whether it’s my guy or James’ Jack, they’d both get bored long before then – being forced to live a trillion seconds in the same moment in my Heaven. Nevertheless, this principle remains: The “Forever” we are running to will at some point long eclipse the hell we’re leaving – the separation from our child. If that isn’t true, then we’re all screwed for eternity – and that is not a concept I can not really wrap my head around either – like ever.

So we trudge on (BIG air quotes here): “The happy road of destiny”. (Said the guy who never lost a kid) Sure we do. Or maybe we call it for what it is. We’re mad. We’re sad. And because of that – we’re bad…to the bone. Pity the fools who get in our way. And yet, losing these great young men – our champions, the flowers of youth – will at some point – perhaps in a few billion seconds – but at some point, seem overrated. It’s just that right now, it’s painful in a painful sense we didn’t even know existed.

None of this gibberish makes it ok. Of course it’s not. How we get out of bed somedays is the 8th wonder of the world. But this much is true. We’re not alone and neither are they – those sons of bitches having a great time while we grind it out down here. Ah let ’em. There will come a day it won’t matter. We’ll all be home – and maybe we can get even with them by making them live in that one moment of our choosing for 1 trillion seconds…for starters.

We got the whole gang together for Jack’s Birthday and stayed with the card’s Blue and Yellow theme: https://youtu.be/WdJPSHAlJg0