The last time 12 guys got together to spread the message they did ok. Now you have one last chance to be part of the Chosen NEW 12! A couple of spots are left for Catholic Men who want to take their spiritual game to the next level! It starts THIS THURSDAY (3/23) through Sunday (3/26). Unless you have a wedding, a funeral, or your team is a LOCK for the Final Four, you ain’t got something more important to go to than this. Truth.

Every weekend for 3 hours since the start of the year 12 guys have prepared a Spiritual Buffet called a “Cursillo”. Today was our dress rehearsal and I can now promise you this is going to CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Nuns have been praying you go – plus they’re cooking for us! Why not do something REALLY DIFFERENT and join us?! It’s not too late – but this is your LAST CALL! Call Dan at 810 788 0365 and tell him Greg sent you. He’ll lock in your private room and ask you to take a moment to fill this out:

You’ll need to take this Friday off. Lent sacrifices aren’t free, but if you take the uncomfortable-feeling risk, you’ll reap the SURE rewards and come home a brand new man – for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! Pray about it. If you hear back a “Yes, you should go” – that’s NOT schizophrenia…that’s God telling you to take that leap of faith. See you there!