“Before I explain, I confess I too had a mentor. Lee Leichtag. What a 900 Pound Guerrilla of wisdom he was to me. He flipped his Pharma company for $76M and was golfing buddies with Gerry Ford. He gave me “the goods” in the 90s, – the arm over my shoulder low tone secrets – and I lead America in my field at the time (Christian Software Publishing) – a direct result of his advice AND ENCOURAGEMENT. And Lee was Jewish so it was not about the content. It was about him making me better, tougher, smarter. So I did experience it, happily, and if you want to up your game as well going forward, I suggest you marry that perfect “10” – land your best mentor soon! How about honoring a deadline of when we’re free to move about the country again. Fair?

LinkedIn Article by Gregory Swan: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/mentors-matter-how-select-your-perfect-10-gregory-swan

“How much is ENOUGH?” I asked Lee. “$5 million” was his immediate reply. “That’s $25,000/a month of tax free annuity without touching the principle. If you can’t live on $25K, you don’t deserve the $5M.”

“My own mentor – ON HIS DEATHBED – grabbed me rather dramatically and growled with stark intensity ‘Find a way to get a hold of the Catholic Market!’ ” -Lee Leichtag. | And so, I’m doing that in honor of – and at the urging of – Lee! | GODclick.com/Admissions | GODclick.com/Catholics ~ Gregory Swan

President Ford: “It must be so gratifying to start a company from scratch and sell it for over $70 Million, wasn’t it?”

Lee: “What are you TALKING about?! What’s it like to hear “Hail To The Chief” and know they’re playing it for YOU?!”

President Ford: “That’s the only thing I liked about being President. That and Airfare One only took off when I said so.”

-Lee golfing with President Ford

“Have you changed since you became wealthy?” I asked Lee. “No – but people treat me differently. To a degree they’re uncomfortable.” said Lee.

“Lee, you ought to join us Wednesday mornings here at La Costa to catch up.” – An old friend.

“Why? So I can hear you guys complain about your latest operation? No Thanks – I’m working.” – Lee.