He left $100 Million to his charitable foundation when he died. His golfing buddy was President Gerry Ford and his next door neighbor was McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc. His name was Leichtag. Lee Leichtag. He had no sons, just a daughter who sadly died on him. But he had me – his protege throughout the 1990s and early 2000s. He poured wisdom into me early and often and I drank it up. He was my mentor. Lee’s own mentor – on his death bed – passed along the great commandment, the moon shot, the ultimate tip: 

“Find a way to get a hold of the Catholic Church!” 

Presumably, for a business opportunity – but he never actually said WHY. Lee was Jewish, but he died trying to follow his mentor’s Catholic advice (Drove his Bentley into a tree at age 88) as if Al Pacino himself told him to do it in Godfather III. Lee passed his Holy Grail of a goal onto me. When Lee died in 2007, location technology didn’t exist. Today my new mentor – a 78 year old Deacon – dropped this U.S. Comprehensive Catholic Church Directory on me and said “Here. Here’s your Catholic Church.” It is the thickest book I have ever seen – and it’s available digitally too for $300 right here.

-OR- You can get it for FREE from me – right here: GODclick.com/USA. What will you do with it? I have no idea. That only gives you the Clergy, staff and the buildings.

The Catholic Church is the PEOPLE. Fortunately, through location technology- I have identified them. All of them. Now I offer the ability advertise to them – and only them. Who could benefit from this audience? Politicians for sure. My guess is Catholic Universities will find it agreeable for recruiting. I’ve teed up both groups. Unfortunately, neither Lee nor his mentor said exactly WHAT to do with the Catholic Church once I got a hold of it. But at least I’m now holding. And so are you.

Any ideas? I’m wide open. Please do spill the possibility beans as if you were Jack and the Beanstalk hunting for the Golden Goose. Why should I have to think of everything?

Meanwhile, since you never met Lee, perhaps you’d like to meet him now. He was humble yet super wealthy. I was all ears to this guy who, like I said, golfed with Gerry Ford and lived RIGHT next door to Ray Kroc (and eventually Ray’s widow). Here’s Lee. Then please tell me – now that we “GOT A HOLD OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH” – what do we do with it?