“LITTLE GREENIE” – The Greatest Seedling

It was the year 167 BC, and the greatest cedar cone seedling was slow to mature after it has been pollinated. It has taken 18 months, and on this day, it was ripe. Suddenly, it burst and released winged seeds 1/3 to 1/2 inch long each. These seeds germinated readily and grew into striking trees that thrived in ancient Jerusalem. 

One of them was different from the rest. This particular seedling started out slower than the others. They cruelly teased him calling him “Little Greenie – three feet tall…Smallest Little Green of all”.

The earth knew differently for it was warned – and so it nourished the root, that bore the tree, that yielded the timber, that made the future Cross. 

200 years had passed since the day of its birth and the old cedar had lived a full life. The lumber jack wielded his sharpened ax with mighty blows until at last it fell. It was loaded onto an oxen-pulled cart and sent to the lumberyard to await its final use – its end purpose.

Through its two centuries of forest life it had yielded shade, streamed sunlight, released oxygen and hosted birds of many varieties. It had children of its own so it could live on in them. The call finally came for “Little Greenie” – or LG as he was later known – to be used. He was selected as the “middle one” that was to become an icon for the ages. 

On this day, Friday, April 3rd, 33 AD he became an afternoon place to “hang out” as it were for some poor beaten down, bloodied and mocked man, a convicted criminal. He hung on LG for what seemed like an excruciating stretch of hours. Crowds gathered to watch. An earthquake overshadowed the storm at 3pm. People who were dead came back to life and showed themselves in the city. The Temple Curtain was ripped wide open.

Mercifully, they dragged the now dead man’s body off this once proud cedar toward evening. 

The tree was stained with blood that could be easily seen from a distance. It stayed there for weeks as there was some talk that it might be auctioned off. Finally a friend of the rich man who provided the tomb paid Pilot for the Cross. Coincidentally they too settled on thirty pieces of silver. The money went into the Treasury.

There was talk of a cover up and other rumors the dead guy was seen sauntering around town again. The greatest seedling took it all in. Somehow he knew he was special. He lay at rest for 37 more years until the town was toppled and burned in 70 AD.

When he arrived in Heaven he was stunned at the reception he was given. The man who hung on him came up with what now looked like beautiful effervescent, translucent and luminescent eyes. He arms were outstretched again but this time voluntarily to give LG a hug and a welcome home.

LG found out who he was and could hardly believe it. He was the “Old Wooden Cross of Christ” – the greatest seedling ever born.

-By Gregory Swan, Good Friday 2023 @ 3PM