“And still, to this day, 13 years after his death, I stir my coffee each morning with a spoon that Dustin gave me.”

Skip Church, “father” of | Source

Today, February 3rd, 2023 marks 10 years exactly since the last day I had with my first born son Drew in person. It was Super Bowl Sunday, the black out game.

That morning he “randomly” found us a church to go to in Orlando. He was sold on it because the search return from our Gaylord Hotel room said “You’re gonna love this Church!”. We did. It was full of people wearing their favorite NFL Team’s Jerseys and they even had a “Tailgate” after with Hamburgers and all the stuff. We loved it and felt like we were in a U of M parking lot in Ann Arbor.

They also gifted both of us this keepsake coffee mug. It was the last day I spent with Drew. It was dark the next morning when I hugged him goodbye – unknowingly for the last time.

Just like Skip Church, my morning coffee routine involves that keepsake. Skip has his late son Dustin’s spoon. I have Drew’s mug. The watch I’m wearing was on Drew when he died.

I say this and post it to memorialize it. Of course if you care to book a Fentanyl Awareness Education Assembly at your local high school for a Free life saving message, please email me. Subject: Fentanyl |

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