High Five for Fentanyl Fathers!

1) Ohio’s Jay Crawford on NBC Channel 3 in Cleveland on Fentanyl Fathers

2) Alaska ABC Anchorage Fentanyl Fathers Coverage

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4) Alaska NBC Anchorage coverage of Fentanyl Fathers Assembly

5) Detroit Free Press Coverage of Fentanyl Fathers Assembly

6) Entire Fentanyl Fathers assembly filmed at Anchorage’s South High 

7) “The National Organization called Fentanyl Fathers” 

8) “Really moving – a very good lesson for our generation to help out a lot of kids.”

9) Radio Toledo Proclaim FM 102.3 with Robin Sullivan


From 5/25/23 Dr. Phil show – Time ~  7:30 to 9:00:

5-25-23 LinkedIn posts:

When elementary school students are able to get their hands on illegal, flavored, disposable vapes like Elf Bar, the FDA clearly isn’t doing its job. With the potential that some of these illegal products might be laced with fentanyl, the FDA MUST significantly ramp up enforcement efforts to protect kids.

Some good news from the FDA today – they say they’re going to prioritize enforcement against illegal, disposable, flavored vapes. While this action should have come a lot sooner, it’s another sign that they are finally taking the threat seriously. There have already been too many cases of kids unknowingly using fentanyl-laced vapes. By targeting the very types of illegal, foreign-made e-cigarettes kids are using, the FDA is helping to keep young people safe. Now they need to put words into action!

From 5/25/23 Dr. Phil show – Time ~  7:30 to 9:00: