You’re in the “Friendzone”

Hey there. I’m here for the company. Open to sharing a meal with a man who values worthwhile friends. Perhaps I’m one you just haven’t met yet. If you’re funny, or deep, or gifted or different – you just may be “The World’s Most Interesting Man” to me. We may even enjoy some real belly laughs together. Now a date – that’s different. Dating is for “that one special guy” and I am not about to put that on you.

You’d have to be sold OUT to Jesus AND handsome. I’ve yet to ever meet that guy, so consider yourself under no pressure to live up to that. Reciprocally, I’ll equally feel under no pressure from you. Because we’re “buds” now – right? I’m in South East Michigan closer to Toledo. If you’d like to meet, please feel free to let me know – and maybe a sentence or two as to why you’d like to meet me as well. I’ve talked enough. But you can relax. EVERYONE always starts out in the “Friendzone”. Have a wonderful day – Robin.