The chronological life of Oconomowoc’s Drew Swan in eight pictures.
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Nominated: Drew Swan for The Faces Of Lake Country | 7/20/22

Hi Dani and Laurie-

I was warned by lifelong Oconomowoc resident Bill Sandsmark “Once you go Oconomowoc, you ALWAYS come back.” I love your “faces” posts, especially about Don Hanson. Don tossed me my vote for the quote of the century.

When I saw him and gassed up the tank to full (unusual for me) on December 29th, 2006, he deduced I was leaving and asked “Where ya headed Greg?”. I sheepishly admitted “Donny, I’m driving 400 miles to Detroit in the HOPES of a kiss on New Year’s Eve.” Donny shot back: “I’ve driven farther for less.” – and backed it up by his signature smile. I married that girl and stayed so far, but my heart is in Oconomowoc.

Particularly La Belle Cemetary, where my Lake Country / Oconomowoc loving son Drew is buried.

Now Drew is officially nominated for the “Faces of Lake Country”.

Drew LIVED the Oconomowoc Dream – Band Shell, Festival of the Arts, Fireworks and the daily walk around Fowler. It was exactly what he pre-ordered up for Heaven itself – because when he got there and if it was not Oconomowoc, was it REALLY Heaven?!

Everything needed to “Interview” Drew is here:

You’ll find the Wisdom of his Blog and the Videos of his Website there. I’m told his face is one of La Belle’s most visited Tombstones. Drew got rolled by opioids, which caused us to create a $6B opioid fighting budget through Congress in 2018. Deaths decreased from 70,000 to 50,000 the next two years in a row, so Drew ended up being “A baller from Oconomowoc” saving 40,000 lives – unsung as he is.

Keep up the great work ladies.

XO – Greg Swan, Drew’s Dad

The Oconomowoc Home of Drew Swan: 657 East Cherry Street