“If you feel a voice inside of you saying You should be a sister or You need to give your life to God I would sit quietly with that & listen for that voice.”

The Right Question At The Right Time

“By my senior year in high school, I had a clear idea of my life. I would get my college education to be a child psychologist, do missionary work for 2 years, find the man of my dreams, get married and have twelve children. However, all those plans were thwarted when my religion teacher, Mr. Kenney, asked me if I ever thought about being a sister. 

I honestly said, “No.”  It was not part of my culture. My mom and grandmother prepared me for marriage and motherhood. However, I was disturbed by his question and it replayed in my head over and over again, so I asked him why he asked me. He said I enjoyed his theology class, I was always at Mass, and I was always volunteering for service at church and school. I said that was true, but that doesn’t mean I have to be a sister; I could be a faith-filled wife and mother. He invited me to a Saturday retreat about vocations at the convent. After the retreat, I felt confused. What I experienced with those Franciscan sisters was attractive and moved my heart. 

Months later, the Felician Sisters heard I was thinking about being a sister.  That was not entirely true, but God was at work.  They invited me to a “Come and See” each time one was offered.  To my relief, I was never available, until that weekend in October when I had no excuses.  I told myself I would go just to get them off my back. 

When I went and was praying before the Blessed Sacrament, I realized that this is where I was meant to be.  I felt at home.  I cried during the whole weekend.  My tears had many sources—fear of disappointing my family and best friend; confusion that God wanted me for this when my life was on a different trajectory; peace at knowing I would be part of a community of women who loved and served God the way I desired. 

My mom sensed I would choose this life.  She detected the vocation in me as well.  She actually dedicated me to God when I was born because we both almost died when I was in her womb. 

Years later, when I was teaching high school as a Felician Sister, one of my students told me I would have made a great mom.  I smiled and told her that I thought so too. God called me to this life and I am very happy.  I don’t have my own children, but I have had the joy of mothering many children and people as a teacher, mentor and spiritual companion.”

Sister Judith Marie Blizzard