Years ago my men’s group was assigned a book called “Halftime” – about adjusting priorities for life’s second half. Ah – if only to be middle aged! Last week I lead a group that discussed “Life’s fourth quarter” which all 10 people in this particular group – men and women – agreed they were in. 

Today I woke up to a little girl ( I once betrothed to my late son who was awarded a “20 under 40” trophy – and she’s barreling toward 40! 

This forced me to look UP to the game clock to my shock and horror. I did some research* and suddenly realized I am officially in “The two minute drill”. Life has nearly passed me by WITHOUT my permission and worse – without my awareness! Doh! I KNEW I should have listened to Ferris Bueller!!

Even so, everything just got real slo-mo for a second there in the huddle which flipped the switch and called for “Go to two minute drill. Ready…break!”

FORTUNATELY there’s 2 pieces of good news if you, like I, just discovered you’ve meandered into a similar plight and find yourself now trotting back up to the line.

1) “The prevent defense is completely worthless.” – Meaning, you’re hyper-focused in a blazing hurry – people are naturally going to get the h@$! out of your way.

2) “The 2 minute offense also belongs in the other 58.”- Meaning, you are about to score A BUNCH of points! Sure you torched those first 58 minutes. Recap it to the bartender or your therapist AFTER THE GAME. This ain’t no time for drama that pays you nothing. This is officially your two minute drill – the most exciting, highest scoring crescendo of your life, baybay!

All that’s left to decide is how you are going to dance in end zone, because you are about to score, with or without ANYONE’S permission!

*2 minute drill stats from 9 years ago:

*2 minute drill stats from this year:

Psalm 90:12
Good News Translation
“Teach us how short our life is,
  so that we may become wise.”