Something is missing and I haven’t yet put my finger on it.

I got this opportunity to make a crater sized positive impact yet no one seems to care.

Can you help me out and take a guess at the real reason for that?

Here’s the deal:

You’ve heard about Fentanyl and Opioid Deaths. Unfortunately everyone only gives them their due lip service. In plain stats it’s 108,000 deaths of young people a year ODing. (Including my kid – DrewSwan.com. It’s the #1 killer by far of ages 18 to 45). Compare that to 10,360 DUI fatalities annually* and 58,220 in the entire Vietnam war.** So it’s double the deaths of ALL 10 YEARS we were in ‘Nam and 10 times as bad as drinking EVERY YEAR.

Why aren’t we all screaming about this? Why aren’t we stopping it? Is it because it hasn’t killed YOUR kid yet?

Look at what WAR Protests did and what MADD.org has accomplished. In 2018 my wife and I got The Speaker of the House to float $6B toward it – not too shabby. Everyone heard PSAs for two years – then it fizzled and the border opened up.

The border isn’t closing anytime soon – so simply reporting on the crisis for the next two years while 200,000 more Americans die while their families are destroyed does no good.

What is the NOW action to stop our kid’s carnage?!

Here are my ideas so far. What am I missing?

Advertise Streaming of Funerals for awareness of the sadness ODs cause like the one for my son by his friends.

Hammer every consequential Politician to support Statewide School Awareness talks (My group is called “Fentanyl Fathers”) about how pills are Russian Roulette. Not Pot. Not Alcohol. Pills, period.

Take advantage of every grant available for it under “Health Services” (My son Jack’s action plan.)

Make friends in the media and do a LOT of National TV about it.

Expose the choke point with a sketchy slogan like- “It’s our border, stupid.” China makes it – but we absolutely allow it in.

What would put an actual dent in this disaster we live with? Any ideas with merit?

Please LMK at Greg@GODclick.com.

Until then,

Love lives bleeding in my hands.”


*Drunk Driving Stats:

https://www.bankrate.com/insurance/car/drunk-driving/# | https://www.moneygeek.com/insurance/auto/resources/most-dangerous-dui-days/

**Total Vietnam War Casualties: https://www.archives.gov/research/military/vietnam-war/casualty-statistics