Fullness Of Time

Hi, my name is Greg Swan, CEO of GODclick.com. I have been pecking away at connecting the U.S. Church since 1993. Now, like the Roman roads being laid in “the fullness of time”, the recent advent of LOCATION TECHNOLOGY plus the willingness of Sprint & Verizon to share DIRECT CARRIER DATA has allowed us to introduce YOU to any church goer in America!

This is the most important tool yet invented to directly reach true people of faith. Every church. Every faith. Attendance was taken – these are the people who WENT. We have ID’d their smart phones and can send them ads of your choosing.

The Launch Supper

What seemed like failure spun into pure church explosion gold. Not the last – THE LAUNCH. 317,221 and growing in the U.S.

It started with just 11 guys. After drawing straws to replace Judas with Matthew, they went on a tear that cost everyone their lives except John. Results: In the 1988 years since their “Launch Supper”, America happened and the Church industry exploded. 317,221 United States Churches. 63,444,200 attending believers.

Nicknames include “Flyover Country, Those People, Jesus Freaks, Monks, Nuns, Holy Rollers, and Religious Bigots.” And yet, when you’re in trouble, who you going to call? THEY ARE the BACKBONE of AMERICA. GODclick watched as they filed into church the last 4 years – the people are anonymized except for their smart phone device IDs. Seeing them in church separates them from surveys that only claim faith.

THEY show up. THEY prove it. GODclick was their witness with a time stamp. If you pay attention to them – you’ll be commanding their respect and they’ll reward you with beautiful loyalty as “repeaters”. Go build your business! They’ve been right under your nose this entire time. “BUT GOD”. GODclick.com has access to their cell phone screens via location based technology and direct data agreements with Sprint and Verizon. Advertise nationally, by state or hamlet. Reach out to church goers, and they will respond in KIND. Electronic Billboard options as well – anytown USA.

Published by Gregory Swan

I feel like my life was mirroring Forrest Gump’s without Bubba Shrimp. Everything else lines up, even the box of chocolates. Everything was going great, then I stepped on the wrong toes and told the truth: General Mills told a “Flat out lie”. https://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2000/julyweb-only/12.0c.html Yada Yada Yada my first born dies in 2013: DrewSwan.com Yada yada we made the devil pay: https://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/politics/2018/01/13/kristine-bonds-congress/109432870/ Pricetag was $6B into the SOTU to fight Opioids because of our efforts. Then, we helped elect 17 dark horses using only the Church via GODclick.com's direct data base. HUGE SUCCESS. GODclick.com is my purpose, mission, and destiny. We have cracked the code on the Church Goer. Just the Catholic Church alone is enough - but there is so much more. See you in the finals.

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