“Serving the emerging Black American consumer is a $300 billion opportunity…beckoning companies around the world.” –McKinsey Quarterly, August 2021* | Attendance Easter Sunday 2022: 5,232,400

KNOW IT or BLOW ITrules by Kelly McDonald in “How to Market to People Not Like You”: Rule #1: “Approach African-American Churches“*. Pew Research Center adds: “Black Churches have done a ‘great deal’ to help black people move toward equality in U.S.”*

GODclick.com serves mobile ads to all 26,162 African-American Churches with 5,232,400 attending, device ID’d members. (5X the reach of Ebony*) Ads appear directly on their cell/smart phone while in app.


GODclick identifies AA Church attending phone’s IMEI #s.

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identifier. To see your cell phone’s device ID press: *#06#

GODclick’s exclusive location tech drops a polygon on selected AA churches. Visiting iPhones and Androids are ID’d as African-American attenders for advertising to directly.

HOW: Polygon Location Tech | WHO: Black Church Goers | WHAT: Mobile Ads | WHEN: After ID’d | WHERE: AA’s Phones | WHY: Serving Precision

CPM: $14.95

*African-American Church Goer Research PDFs. Includes African-American Marketing Guide,
Pew Research Center Studies, McKinsey Quarterly Report & Ebony Media Kit.
26,162 African-American Churches serving 5,232,400 members=> HERE.

Contact: Greg Swan, son of Alveda King, Greg@GODclick.com | 248 667 2722