Churchgoer = Believer

The Secret: Sprint & Verizon’s cell data in church | Video Intro

In the beginning GODclick created the world’s first churchgoer tracker. Now virtually every churchgoer in America has been accessed for advertising by our CiC Behavioral Technology. CiC is the ad advent of carrier-direct device ID data location technology + filled USA churches. Simply put, we run ads ONLY on their cell phones. CiC stands for Christians in Churches.

How GODclick’s exclusive ad-tech breakthrough accurately targets true believers => CiC Behavioral Technology Deck.

Using first party data, we discovered our home state of Michigan has 10,071 churches serving 2,014,200 churchgoers. Today GODclick serves mobile ads to all 63 million U.S. churchgoers.

Faith | Family | Forever

The guests of the Last Supper in 33 AD also birthed the new church immediately after Pentecost. 1988 years have passed while America happened – allowing the church industry to EXPLODE: Today there are 317,221 United States churches weekly hosting 63,444,200 in-person believers. Each State averages 6,344 churches, many with more than 10,000. Proof => MI, GA, and VA Complete Churches lists.

GODclick recorded 98% of all 50 States’ smart phone device IDs while inside church. They proved their faith by ACTION. Contextually ask them to become your customer and you’ll find your business is suddenly growing with the world’s most LOYAL repeat customers.

Churchgoers have money not only to spend but to GIVE! Your next nicest client is The American Churchgoer. GODclick offers ad access ranging from all 63+ million of them to just local church members. Advertise by state, hamlet, all USA or anytown USA because it’s trending – people are going BACK to church. Just listen: Church (Take Me Back)

Inquire to get a detailed list of all the churches in your state a $700 value. Samples: |MI|VA|GA|. We’ll include the opportunity to advertise on GODclick.com’s 63 Million Vetted Believers Network. Rate Card CPM: $15 and under – includes value-add access to electronic billboards + mobile.

GODclick: The ONE WAY to advertise to America’s passionate churchgoers…because while it’s true not all believers go to church, all churchgoers are true believers.

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