Churchgoer = Believer

Carrier Data & Polygon + Church Intro

GODclick pioneered the world’s first Churchgoer tracker. Now 98% of America’s Churchgoers have been accessed directly for purposeful advertising. GODclick is the advent of carrier-direct device ID data, polygon location technology + filled USA churches. Ads run ONLY on a Churchgoer’s cell phone & triggered billboards.

To physically ID churchgoers = carrier data + polygon + address. Polygon: Protocol & framework for building & connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks.

Exclusive Adtech: ONLY to Church GOERS. Full Deck | Ex: See Michigan’s 10,071 Churches & their 2,014,200 members on our Heat Maps. | Details of every Church in America by State.

F a i t h ~ F a m i l y ~ F O R E V E R

Launch Supper: The Last Supper started the Church! Today: 317,221 U.S. Churches serve 63,444,200 gathering believers weekly. Precise Sprint & Verizon direct carrier device ID data allows advertisers to reach only proven, passionate ChurchGOERS.

Churchgoing shows faith. “I will show you my faith by my deeds.” ~James 2:18.

CPM (cost per thousand): $14.95 | Mobile & Billboards (OOH)
Choices: All USA, Top 500, Top 100, State, Denomination, District, City or Zip

Believers are loyal patriots who’ll respect your ads with repeat relationships.
CONTACT: Greg@GODclick.com | Gregory Swan: 248 667 2722 | Kristine Bonds: 917 340 0632

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