Q: What has two names, can be counted on your thumbs, and has the guts to say they don’t believe in GOD? 
A: Elected Atheists – both of them. 

I actually respect Andrew & Juan – the USA’s only elected Atheists. Heck- they’re honest about their convictions and even bear the names of my own two sons. 

What I don’t get are politicians thinking they’ll win without THE REST of the 99.999% of voters who elect the BELIEVERS ONLY club.  

Can you find YOUR church here?: | We sure did.

Not only that, we safely, anonymously and legally tracked every one who WENT to church by identifying their cell phone. How? 

Hit “ *#06# ” on YOUR phone. That’s how. That 15 digit number is your device ID – your cell phone’s birth certificate. It goes by the name “IMEI”. Stands for “International Mobile Equipment Identity”. Never changes.

Well, we see that – just that, so your privacy is protected. BUT – we made it possible for all these “Faith Filled” Politicians to emerge from the wood work and tell you how much they believe JUST LIKE YOU! 

Obviously, they lie – like a lot. But hey, I’m no Priest, Rabbi or even a Pastor. I’m a businessman. And when it comes to getting elected, short of Andrew and Juan, America has come to the bitter end of DISBELIEF. – Ads directly to Churchgoers. You know – for midterms.