1/23/2 | You gotta know there will in all likelihood be more talented, impactful people joining our growing mob of Fentanyl Fathers. Too late though to become a Beatle. You gotta be first. And there is no Pete Best here, this is it -US. But if we ever flip to Mount Rushmore I call Thomas Jefferson.

Tonight I sensed unity. The mission is so patently obvious. The challenge is a beast. The stakes have never been higher in modern history. What Sandy went through today – seeing Bruce’s car, is enough to jump off a bridge. Dangit people – we got screwed hard. Now we’re screwing back. It’s our way or the highway.  People who get in our crosswalk are going to get rolled. Attitude, talent, and the most righteous cause to come along in our lives.

George (Jamie), Paul (Greg) Ringo (Sandy) and John (Tom). I kid you not we have a shot at being BIGGER than the Beatles.

It’s doable. Therefore it must be done. NO ONE has even suggested it be done. Therefore WE must do it. All right, enough of the win one for the Gipper hype. Only focus and execution in an efficient manner will maximize our impact. “Give me a good plan executed today as opposed to a great plan executed next week.” – Patton.

“Let’s Roll” as the high jacker counter attacker said. 

Tom: We must get grants applied for. I’m loosely related to Pfizer.

Jamie: I’ll do what you need, it’s an honor. Make a movie, do talks, whatever. Jack’s life will count even more.

Sandy: I forget what Sandy said but she already made Fentanyl Awareness law in the United States and she KNOWS Senators.

Greg: My pain, our pain, is 200,000 NON-bereaved parent’s gain. Per YEAR! The kids could hardly appreciate it – staying alive. For Michael Jordan, it wasn’t about winning. It was about avoiding the pain of losing. They’ll rarely thank us – and it’s probably better that way, but we’ll be saving a lot of parents the ultimate pain – LOSING the ultimate loss. That’s the biggest win to me.

We need data. Cell phone numbers of bereaved parents, schools where the late kids went. We need budget. Travel, promotional. We need ROADIES. Hey, that’s how Rock Stars roll.

Elected people are forced to give this lip service. So forced. Media loves the opportunity to see us cry. We just want to get ‘er done and drop the mic.

It’s going to get ugly. Things are going to change, and never fast enough. But, we shall prevail because, hey, we’re the Beatles of Fentanyl. If not us who? If not now, when?

Save your Monday nights for 6:30. Invites coming for next week. Relevant updates you can send to our group or to me – SUBJECT: BEATLES, and I will post them as we go chronologically here=> where I have already posted your names in your designated Beatle order. 

Drop the mic.

Drew as Ringo. Jack behind me. I toldja I wanted to be Paul.