In 1993, I was separated from my wife and family and living in a crummy apartment by the railroad tracks in absolutely nowhere (Ixonia Wisconsin.) I wasn’t living right on any level. As Ken Copeland would say “Things had gotten so bad, I HAD to pray.” 

Everyday, I’d walk out on those tracks and stretch out my arms in either direction – up and down the tracks. I’d say “Oh Lord, as far as East is from the West, as far as these railroad tracks connect to all other tracks in the U.S., so shall my products be selling across America. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.” At the time, I had no contacts, no contracts, no products and no idea what business I would even be in. All I had was hope and that prayer.

But in my opinion, the prayer worked. By 1999, I had real estate -spinner racks- with 240 CD ROM software titles that I published under the label “Rhinosoft Interactive” in over 1000 Christian Bookstores across America in every state! But of course, that was then ( ) and this is now. 

Today I returned to the tracks, and at the expense of gawking passers by wondering if I was nuts or suicidal, I repeated the prayer. I don’t know if it will be or or something entirely new. All I’m certain of is that by 2029 the USA will once again be full of my influence. Only this time, I’ll know I’ll need to stick with it, stay hungry, and maintain momentum because money doesn’t grow on trees and a “crown is not secure for all generations.” 

No matter how bad things get, if you’ve got a prayer, you have hope. And if you believe my story, now you’ve even seen this movie before. So what are you waiting for? Get in your car, go to the closest railroad tracks, fling open your arms and pray looking like a complete lunatic. Congratulations. Your train loaded up with gold – your personal brand of gold, has just left the station.