My son’s name was Drew ( – just like Officer Drew Barr above.


I offer you my true condolences on the loss of your friend Dave. I’d like to step up for Dave as your #1 fan. Here’s your newest Gallagher fan page ( As you can see we’ve met before. That’s my wife Kristine to your right.

I heard about Dave while waiting to come on the air today to speak about the Daily Mail article you opened your show about. Later I looked up his Obit

When you connect with Christine today please mention her CountryCraftWorks sites are down. I want to order an Angel.

Anyway that company you mentioned – Safegraph – I use as well and similar ones. I was shocked when I read this: 

”The CDC seems to have purposefully created an open-ended list of use cases, which included monitoring curfews, neighbor to neighbor visits, visits to churches,…”

Mike – THAT’S exactly what I do! ( I track WHO goes to church – then advertise to only church goers later. I sell media campaigns to Republican Politicians. That is a GOOD use of it. Keep in mind – I just track the cell phone. I don’t know who owns it. It’s done through anonymous IMEI tech (The Cell Phone’s Device ID ) which looks like a bar code. To see yours just press    *#06#   ” on your own cell phone.

Every church in the USA is here:

Through this Safegraph location tech I provide Pro-Life Politicians the church GOERS (attenders) to advertise to later on their mobile phones. Santa could use my list for his “Nice” column.

Examples: | | | |

Mike – In my opinion every pro-life politician should be calling out and challenging the church for the Pro-Life war we’re in. No one else targets the churchgoer like GODclick …except the CDC! 

Please pray for me – and maybe ask yourself “Will GODclick help good Candidates win the faith vote?” 

If you happen to hear back from God and you’re sure its not schizophrenia – please LMK what He says!

-Your #1 fan,


PS: I’ll text you the link.

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