Dear Principal Dorris,

Thank you for booking Fentanyl Fathers at West High! You have just insured your West High student body will receive the best available protection against being fooled into making a fatal fentanyl mistake. Now, should parents ask you or your staff about the recent Anchorage media buzz surrounding Fentanyl ODs in the ASD, you can say:

“We take our student’s safety very seriously. That is why we invited a leading subject matter expert team – Fentanyl Fathers – to present to us to ensure our students are insulated from ever making that mistake. I’m told no one who has ever seen their assembly presentation is tempted by Fentanyl afterward. Having previewed the movie they’ll show, I tend to believe it. Further, we will be measuring its impact with an awareness survey. We feel this program is called for in light of this new fentanyl threat to America’s youth. Awareness beats ignorance.”

The deck we will show can be downloaded here.

The “DOA” movie we will show (which you have already seen) can be streamed. We will also come with a backup USB stick hard copy. Finally, the 3GB movie can also be fully downloaded here:

In our 45 minutes presentation we will cover 1) The Movie: DOA | 2) Two bereaved Parent’s LIVE testimonies – in this case, Anchorage’s Sandy Snodgrass (about losing her Bruce) and myself (about losing my Drew) – an example of what we’ll sound like: LIVE | 3)  FACTS  shown through a 4) PPT. All of these elements can also be seen here:

You will be receiving a PDF this week with your West High school logo on it to print out and put up in the halls. It will have a QR code on it asking students to pre check off a quick, anonymous survey about their general awareness of Fentanyl BEFORE the presentation. Part two is AFTER the presentation to measure the impact of their increased awareness. This will be useful data for you to demonstrate how improved your student body is in fentanyl awareness and how resolute their decision will be to remain true to what we say at the close of the assembly. At the end I’ll be asking them to repeat after me: “I will never try so I will never die from Fentanyl”. And done. We will make Naloxone available for free through you for those who want to have their home medicine cabinets prepared with it. 

We look very forward to meeting you Tuesday morning! We’ll arrive at 8:15 to set up. I heartily congratulate you on looking out for your students. Who knows? – You may just have saved a life.

Warm Regards,

Greg Swan, Co-Founder


248 667 2722 | FentanylFathers.org