IMPORTANT: James, we need you to point the domain to https://godclick.com/fentanylfathers/ WITH MASKING so that it comes up looking like http://fentanylfathers.org/ UNTIL you launch new site. Can you take care if this now? Our site is down. I will try to call you at work to confirm.

James, Jack ~ To Get FentanylFathers.org up and running, my WordPress is:

Email address: gregoryjswan@gmail.com

Password: #G1r2e3g4 (I can change this, LMK if there is a problem.)

Only GODclick.com is housed here. I also own The1YearBible.com

When will FentanylFathers.org be ready? The site is down now.

Needed: Help with Facebook ~ I appealed to them last night – as well as fixed all the links at https://godclick.com/fentanylfathers/ which was our home page. FB should have no issues with FentanylFathers.org. It says “below community standards”. I tried the appeal process. We need FB to accept it.

Username: gregoryjswan