As bipartisan bill “Bruce’s Law” awaits approval; Fentanyl Fathers take action.

Our Senate Colleagues Dianne Feinstein, Maggie Hassan, Dan Sullivan and Lisa Murkowski have introduced “Bruce’s Law” to address America’s Fentanyl crisis.

The heart of the bill is to warn America’s treasure – our youth – about Fentanyl’s likelihood of killing and how to avoid its deceptive distribution. Anything not prescribed should be considered deadly. That is the simple but life saving message of Fentanyl Fathers.

Inspired by the impact of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, (MADD.org) Fentanyl Fathers are visiting Michigan’s school assemblies as fast as they can to focus on one thing: Fentanyl avoidance. Fentanyl killed over ten times as many people last year as drunk driving did. Our young people have a myriad of tough challenges as well as great opportunities. Fentanyl Fathers endeavor to take Fentanyl’s “Preventable Death” off the table so our young can LIVE their life – and grow old!

The unique messengers of Fentanyl Fathers have already lost a son or daughter to accidental overdose. The unbearable grief and destruction it has caused their family, loved ones, friends, cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and grandparents is completely avoidable. Listening to their story helps make their child’s loss still matter – because it’s helping YOU -the listener- avoid all of that unnecessary pain. For 2023, let’s eliminate these tragedies entirely all across our great state of Michigan.