“Fentanyl is coming for you. But now you’re a Fentanyl FOX – too smart for it.”

Fentanyl Fathers LIVE- High School Assembly Intervention is designed with one simple goal: To save lives. By providing students direct communication with bereaved parents, up-to-date education, real data and statistics about this counterfeit killer, Fentanyl. 

+ What the presentation covers: Prevention, Avoidance and Emergency Response. 

How Fentanyl Fathers do it:   

• Two trained Fentanyl Fathers volunteers will conduct the presentation and facilitate a discussion using a PowerPoint presentation, showing a 21-minute, award winning documentary, “DEAD ON ARRIVAL” that highlights case study examples of families affected by fentanyl homicide.  FENTANYL FATHERS will also share their own tragic experiences. 

• Presentation includes pre and post-test surveys, discussion about responding to an overdose, how to handle peer pressure, benefits of not experimenting with drugs, threats posed by fentanyl etc. 

• Follow-up services offered include connection with mental health resources or substance abuse rehabilitation services in area as well as free Naloxone delivery.

• Tracking of pre and post test data, naloxone use, overdose incidence/mortality rates to improve program and assess effectiveness.

FF LIVE | 126,793 students, NARCAN: Fentanyl Fathers brand, earned media. | $87,518
Fentanyl Fathers are Bereaved Parents on a “Mission from God” – for the kids we lost.
All together – big finish: “I’ll never try so I’ll never die from Fentanyl”. BTW – Free NARCAN as you leave.