Hi Natasha,

I had booked the trip DC after we spoke and now we’ve been invited for the same day (2/28) to Senator Hagerty’s office. (Below). Is it possible to still do the 5 minutes confessional testimony? Kids are dropping like flies. 296 more died from Fentanyl yesterday. If not – would WE be able to meet on the 28th?

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“Hi Bob,

I enjoyed our meeting yesterday, and I am looking forward to the 28th.  How does 2pm work for you all?  Also, I am add Jason and Watson to the meeting to make sure we have all the bases covered.



BTW Natasha, I originally CCd Fentanyl awareness champion Lauri Badura who connected us. Here is the email that did not go through your system:

Hi Natasha,

Our team was very excited about the prospect of both myself and Sandy Snodgrass, the mother of Bruce’s Law – to be advocating in Washington this week and next. If we can’t keep the Congressional testimony scheduled, a question:

Can you possibly meet with Sandy while she is there on her own dime from Alaska? Bruce was her only son and she is on a mission. Sandy arrives tomorrow. We meet in person with Senator Marco Rubio Thursday.

What are the odds that here Lauri Badura and I are, neighbors just 3 doors down from each other raising our families in an idyllic small town (Oconomowoc). Then both of us lose our tennis playing sons in one awful 13 month period. Now both of us trying to squeeze some lemonade out of life’s ultimate lemon.

Thank you for your call again today and willingness to put Lauri and I on a Fentanyl specific panel, possibly pushing to March or April now. I am encouraged you recognize that our entire story and cause will not get proper justice in just 5 minutes.

However, since we already scheduled our trip to DC – we’re inquiring if we can keep the Congressional testimony for the 28th anyway, even if only for those 5 minutes, as we will be able keep our momentum and “move now”. Every month we wait becomes 10,000 more dead kids. Or as General George Patton phrased it: “A Good Plan, Violently Executed Now, Is Better Than a Perfect Plan Next Week.” 

Our Washington DC Fentanyl Father is Bob Carey (CCd). Bob asked for your contact info to follow up to offer help salvaging the congressional testimony. 

Bob may call you on your 202 740 8710 number. The call will come from Bob Carey’s 202 779 1598 number

Bob also asked for any other follow up contacts. I told him I only spoke with you about it. For Bob’s backup sake I included Tennessee’s Congressman Green’s staff (bottom) a reference. Bob usually ends up knowing some staffers, especially military.

Tennessee is leading in the Fentanyl fight. In addition to your own invitation on behalf of Congressman Green, chair of the committee on Homeland Security, we have just met with Congressman Ogles (TN 5) and received great, willing support to open up Tennessee Schools for our 45 minute awareness program, with this exact presenattion – | :45 SAVES LIVES | DOA | LIVE | FACTS | Q&A | All Together“I’ll never try so I’ll never died from Fentanyl” |FreeNARCAN | …and done. | In and out of the school gym in less than an hour.

Our team met with Tennessee Senator Haggerty’s team just today. Senator Haggerty is a true champion for Fighting Fentanyl. Today at the meeting we were told we “Hit the nail on the head” and they scheduled us for an in person meeting on the morning of 28th – still thinking we were coming to town then to testify. As recently as February 15th Senator Hagerty stood up against China’s role: “I just got off the phone the other day with a father from my home state of Tennessee who found his son dead on Thanksgiving morning—dead from fentanyl,” Hagerty said. “Each of the three of you have been charged with addressing this surge, yet it continues to run rampant. The number one killer of Americans today, of young people between the ages of 18 (now 14) and 45, is drug overdose, most of it fentanyl coming across our southern border being supplied by China. Just as Assistant Secretary Robinson mentioned, China is the principal source of these drug precursors that are going to the Mexican cartels.”  Source:

Finally, today from Axios. It’s often not an overdose, it’s poison – or simply murder: “In most cases, users are not intending to get fentanyl, Angela Huskey, Millennium Health’s chief clinical officer, told Axios. “The user is seeking a Vicodin, oxycodone, an Adderall — something they have taken before … that they believe they know the effects of.”

Today I was impressed you quoted various well known death totals as still less than 1 year of Fentanyl deaths – making this America’s #1 problem. We discussed that “stat” Thursday when we spoke and it is covered in our attached PDF at the bottom. Our own children are pictured at the top of that PDF.
So if we can still pull it off Natasha – great. If not, we’re honored to do the panel next month – but it looks like now we’ll be in DC next week anyway. 
Thanks for fighting with us – we always deeply appreciate an advocate – especially if they are not personally bereaved from Fentanyl. We’ll help you keep it that way.

Warm Regards,
Greg Swan

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