10 Point Plan To Make It And Retire

  1. How we know Adtech has arrived.
  2. Martech’s Wild West – It’s like Software all over again and it’s 1993.
  3. Stick with Automotive – FOCUS. Detroit to Dallas: Truck Wars at the dawn of EVs.
  4. Agreements.
  6. Quorum, Vistar, GODclick = Ready to sell on 20% commission.

Next Steps

7. Think it over, pray about it, seek advice.

8. Set up Business Goals, Outline OUR Plan to net $30K/Month with 6 accounts paying $5K + Commission. Execute partnership agreement between us.

9. Sell GODclick.com or take it Public trading on on the call letters GODK.

10. “Find a way to get a hold of the Catholic Church!” – Lee Leichtag’s (my mentor) was told this by HIS Jewish mentor on his deathbed. Lee died wealthy ($100M+) while pursuing the Catholic Church. He drove his Bentley into a tree. Ray Kroc’s widow was his next door neighbor. “Bank $5M, then stop. You’re set.” -Lee.

Exit – Land the plane, know when to fold up. – Retire.

The End