Wisconsin Leaders: Speaker Paul Ryan lead first in 2018 – at the URGING of Congressional Candidate and Bereaved Parents Kristine Bonds and Greg Swan. Their son Drew is buried in Oconomowoc. 

Result: $6 Billion to fight opioids. Deaths went down by 40,000 in ’18 & ’19.

Senator Johnson lead in 2019 and 2021. Senator Baldwin lead in 2022 and 2023. Results: TBD

What’s missing? Statewide School Assemblies – and they WORK. We proved it on the West Coast. PSA’s and NARCAN alone DO NOT work. 107,000 kids are still dying annually. This is URGENT!

Next steps: Have a meeting to see how a Wisconsin son and Bipartisan Wisconsin Senators can lead America on School Assemblies using a system created and proven by FentanylFathers.org – Fentanyl’s MADD.org

The PATENTLY obvious goal: Alert 25,077 (all) U.S. High School assemblies in a LIVE “Heads Up”.

The Messengers: Bereaved Parents.

The Message:

Fentanyl Awareness Education

Dead On Arrival Espanol | Facts | LIVE Story – by a real bereaved parent | Q&A | I’ll never try so I’ll never die from Fentanyl | Free Naloxone |

The Sponsor: Emergent (NARCAN) and Bruce’s Law.

Next step: A phone call to discuss how soon Wisconsin gets all High Schools covered. Experience tells us these get heavy, POSITIVE media coverage. Please call Greg Swan at 248 667 2722 | Greg@GODclick.com | Swan is a Founding Fentanyl Father.

Wisconsin OD deaths went DOWN after one candidate ran on awareness alone.
Drew Swan, 1988-2013. Opioid Victim.