Hi Creighton- 

It was nice to see you and meet the kid at the Rice Dinner. The picture we took together with Dugan and Frasco turned out fuzzy otherwise I’d send it. I have a favor to ask – feel free to say no.

I’m asking you to use your influence to help me book a Rice Student Assembly for :30 – RE: Fentanyl Awareness. Agenda here. I will film it and use it as a boiler plate for a National Awareness Campaign executing for Bruce’s Law

The goal is to make Fentanyl Fathers the MADD.org of Fentanyl. I am working with Senator Dan Sullivan (Co-Sponsor of Bruce’s Law) on seeing all Alaska High Schools in January with this :30 “Heads Up”. Bob Carey ’80 is helping.

President Tom Reidy and Principle Ed have calls from me and I expect to hear back. Geri (Exec. Assistant) called me this morning, so all good there.

Creighton – this is a whopper of a problem and I have a solid plan to mitigate it. You may even have some better advice on the execution of this – your business success looks ridiculous. I’d be proud of you if I wasn’t so jealous. 🙂

Anyway, what I am doing is arguably addressing the USA’s #1 problem – certainly the #1 killer ages 18-45. You’ll recall I lost my first born son to Opioids. The wife and I created a $6B budget for fighting it when we ran for Congress. That money was blown on PSAs. We need to warn the little dummies in person as I see it. We’ll see. 

I have to prove the concept. Alaska is the Beta. Rice is Guinea Pig. A high school assembly on the subject has been done by a non profit  but there is no plan to hit all 25,000 USA high schools.

Anyway – can you help by blowing in a call supporting it? Of course I’m happy to discuss with you first. My number is 248 667 2722. I won’t say who (Chris Yaw) but I heard you can make a phone call and it’s done. I need it for January. A kid dies every 5 minutes from this.

1,000 = Childhood Cancer Deaths a year | 10,000 = Drunk Driving Deaths a year | 100,000 = Fentanyl Deaths a year. | The 300 kids a day that die = 1 airline crash everyday of the year.

The 200,000 annual bereaved parents will be the ones to deliver the in person messaging to America’s 23,472 Public High Schools and 1,205 Catholic High Schools in honor of their dead kid. This will likely demand Fed Ex/Amazon like organization and execution. It will also likely take authority (Government) or incentive  (scholarships) for people to attend it. 

Please LMK my man. BTW I hear you will be my new neighbor when you finish your house. I’m at Square Lake and Opdyke – we walk to Hugos. Yaw also mentioned Tom Chisholm as another potential influencer. I know Tom pretty well so LMK if you think that is a route I should go.

Rice will probably just do it anyway but I am in a rush now with Alaska looming for January. I gotta get thing on film.       

Thanks Creighton-

Greg Swan

Gregory Swan | GODclick.com CEO | Greg@GODclick.com | Mobile 248 667 2722