Emerging from 2023: #1 Market Share

I called because every minute counts on this issue– Adam Havey.

No wonder John Birney, who called me back right after our conversation this morning, said: “Adam Havey…one of my all time FAVORITES! Great kid…BTW – I’m a Fentanyl Uncle. My son’s favored younger cousin David Passeno died of Fentanyl last year.”

Dear Adam,

Regarding your “every minute counts” quote, Sandy Snodgrass, the “Mother” of Bruce’s Law (CC’d, PDF at bottom) replied “Now THAT’S a good statement!” Also CC’d is Bob Carey, head of the 501c3 National Defense Foundation who has opened the DC High School doors for our already proven High School presentation via a junior ROTC program.

This concept is as simple as our phone call today. The power question is “How do we set up ‘The most important High School Assembly EVER’ to 25,000 High Schools in 2023?”

The answer is strategic organization in all 50 States to enlist eager, willing Bereaved Parents (very important) to deliver the message. This outlet universally allows them to make their child’s life still have an impact. The heart of that message is the 1)Dead On Arrival” movie, (also available in Spanish), 2) our own personal story of loss, 3) a promise to each other to stay clear, and 4) an very engaged Q&A. Done. That’s it. The impact is massive as all feedback has indicated. Just last night – nine High School presenters on a zoom call run by Song For Charlie shared their overwhelming positive response. All were bereaved parents. Said one grayish haired, tall dad presenter: “I tell them I’m not a doctor or with law enforcement. I’m just a dad who lost his son to Fentanyl poisoning.” He continued “The second I announce that, you see them put their cell phones down and look me right in eyes, which they confirm for themselves are sad eyes.”

For example, San Diego County and LA School Districts have already mandated this program from VOID founder Jaime Puerta, the fourth parent (of Daniel) seen in the 21 minute film. I spoke to Jaime today and both he and I were contacted by Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (Head of DEA Oversight) in the last two days regarding this awareness education to High Schools. Last week Bob Carey had breakfast with her when she stated “Fentanyl is my #1 priority.” This presentation IS the definitive best program. It’s pretty much THAT movie delivered by an in person bereaved parent. Simple.

We’re asking Emergent – already the “Kleenex” of Naloxone via its NARCAN brand –  to sponsor us until Sandy’s pioneering “Bruce’s Law” is able to yield grants for such an endeavor after 6 months. Until then, we’re self funded – and more limited.

The Big Win for EBSI: Hikma’s Kloxxado has already initially engaged Sandy, who prefers their 8MGs option. Sandy is the tip of the spear politically to solving this problem. Emergent continues to lead (WSJNPR) for the bipartisan group of politicians who asked seven makers of Naloxone to make it “over the counter” available.

By sponsoring Fentanyl Fathers, provided we satisfy Sandy’s concern about 4mg vs 8mgs, we will move to make NARCAN exclusively available after each assembly. NARCAN will come across as an only choice, avoiding endorsement directly but seeding the market to help Emergent “emerge” as the clear market share leader. Done right nationally, this will not be overcome as we’ll be the only assembly on the subject. I will work to include the successful engagement of VOID as well as Song For Charlie to make NARCAN the available overdose reversal medication after future assemblies.

We will be heavy on data and documentation research – headed by a key Fentanyl Fathers’ consultant – a young medical community member assemblies tend to trust more – Doctor Jack Swan, DO, Drew’s brother. As we look to scale in Q3 and Q4 still in 2023, phase two will be regional and phase 3 will be national. These assemblies will likely remain very high profile as multiple media outlets and politicians will always be invited.

Below are details of this $97,500 ask to be a tax deductible donation to the National Defense Foundation for purposes of Fentanyl Fathers.

We feel it’s a clear competitive advantage for Emergent – and the right thing to do. Perhaps you’ll agree if you are able to attend the January 9th Brother Rice Assembly – a filmed, VIP and Media attended Fentanyl Awareness major event.  

Details below. I will text your cell phone that this letter is in your in box and remain available to you via my cell at 248 667 2722. Otherwise, I will try you again Tuesday in the office.


Greg Swan, Brother Rice class of 1980

What: Three phase launch for a vital NARCAN distribution channel into America’s 25,077 High Schools (23,872 public and 1,205 Catholic) via full student body assembly.

The Problem: The slaughter of 107,622 young Americans in 2021 via overdose resulted in only 1/3rd of High School students becoming aware of fentanyl’s fatal risks. While a few local bereaved parents have started awareness campaigns in their area, NO ONE has stepped up and determined to cover EVERYONE until Fentanyl Fathers.

The Solution: All School Assemblies must see this 48 minute Fentanyl Awareness program. “Just the facts, Ma’am.”

DEA, CDC, and SFC fact slides, 4 minute video.

PresentersFentanylFathers.org in partnership with Bruce’s Law, AK Fentanyl Response, the National Defense Foundation, Song For Charlie and VOID, under advisement of “MADD President Colleen Sheehey-Church’s husband” Skip:

Now DAD is MAD!

Sponors: Emergent Bio Solutions Months 1-6. “Bruce’s Law” grants months 7 onward – a bipartisan U.S. Senate & Congress effort for fentanyl awareness.

Investment: $2,000 per school, $94,000 total in first 6 months + $3,500 AK and DC travel expenses = $97,500 total.

Phase 1: Three pilot areas – East Coast, West Coast & Midwest – starting with Catholic* High Schools: SE Michigan – 24, Anchorage & Fairbanks Alaska – 5, Washington DC – 18.

Cost considerations included in estimate:  

1.5 hours to schedule assembly.

1 hour travel time to and from locally. 

1.5 hours presentation.

30 Hours for Curriculum Development

50 Hours for Administration

25 hours for Website Development and maintenance

45 hours research & data compilation of before and after opinions of students.

Hourly rate of presenters.

Alaska Travel: $4500

DC Travel: $3500

Washington DC | ADW (18): 

Detroit MI | AOD (24): 

Oakland County

Macomb County

Monroe County

Oakland County

St. Clair County

Wayne County

Alaska Catholic High Schools (5):

Holy Rosary Academy (Alaska)

Lumen Christi High School

Monroe Catholic High School (northern most Catholic High School in the Americas).

Catholic Schools of Fairbanks

Immaculate Conception School

Highland Academy (Bruce’s Alma Mater)

CONTACT: Father of the late Drew Swan

Gregory Swan | GODclick.com CEO | Founder, Fentanyl Fathers

Greg@GODclick.com | Mobile | 248 667 2722 | Note: FentanylFathers.org and Greg@FentanylFathers.org are under construction and will be up by Christmas.

Success: “I VOW to NEVER TRY so I will NEVER DIE from FENTANYL.”

*Detroit’s Archbishop Allen Vigneron, as Vice President of the USCCB.org has the immediate power to mandate all AOD – and NATIONAL – Catholic School assemblies.