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Have you heard Mothers are MADD? Now, Fathers are FURIOUS! One thing we ALL agree on: We prefer our kids ALIVE. To achieve that, you may have to TAKE OFF your “cutesy gloves” and POUND this message into your kids!:

Now that we’ve “decided” to leave the border wide open, (AZ Governor & Senate elections) we MUST become like Paul Revere and warn our kids! Fentanyl is coming for their life!!

Forget for a moment about “Faces of Fentanyl” (Moms made) and “Fentanyl Fathers” (Dads made – A high school outreach awareness which I’m starting). There are no politics left to protect our kids. They must Must MUST NEVER, E V E R put a pill past their lips!!! Text them right now and everyday until they block you or take an oath to agree with you. TRUST ME – Having a dead first born son is no picnic – may you never find out what it’s like. 

BUT not warning you is murder compliance – and not on my watch. I already triggered $6 billion on this (you heard right) in 2018 when my wife and leveraged Paul Ryan to create that sized awareness budget via a SOTU last minute “line item.”

Now? The DEA has caught up with us and TOTALLY REDEEMED OURSELVES!

DEA: “Fentanyl is the single deadliest drug threat our nation has ever encountered,” said Administrator Anne Milgram. 

“We must take every opportunity to spread the word to prevent fentanyl-related overdose death and poisonings from claiming scores of American lives every day.” | lnkd.in/g2btz-Hr

NEWSMAX: JUST last night Rob Schmitt broke it down on national TV. Check it out at the 19:21 time mark | lnkd.in/gTZU2pBZ

USA Today: “Attack on America. We must fight back” | lnkd.in/ggWNi-nY

You want a face? I got face. His name was Drew Swan. DrewSwan.com is all that’s left of him. Good luck with your kid lecture today. End it with “Okay then. Nice chat.” – Your friend, Greg Swan

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The King Who Killed My Kid

There he sits on his throne with his adoring lady friend – real classy like – in the back of a truck paid for with the blood of my kid. Was it worth it? SEE YA, LOSER! Friday, the “Fentanyl King” went down in a NOVI, MICHIGAN bust.(https://www.justice.gov/usao-edmi/pr/fentanyl-kingpin-pleads-guilty-drug-and-money-laundering-conspiracy

His name is not worth repeating. He’s a little boy punk at the end of the production line which starts in China where it’s made – then it comes through our Southern border. Fentanyl is finally ushered in with open arms by our U.S. “Border Czar” and her silent “Boss” on the subject, along with every piece of garbage congress person who says NOTHING – enabled by the complicit media – as this #1 killer of our treasure – fentanyl – keeps pouring in. Take my kid for example – Opioids did. 

Worse, Democrats BLOCKED the “Halt Fentanyl Act3 times this year. Say WHAT??!! 


To put this in perspective, in 2020, 11,654 people died in alcohol-impaired driving traffic deaths. In 2021, 108,000 people died of drug ODs, 71,000 from Fentanyl. Why should MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) get all the LOVE?! I’m a Papa Against Pill Pushers and if MADD is mad, we’re 10 TIMES as mad based on the number of deaths we’re left holding the bag on. Now DAD is mad!

I have hardly sat by. In 2018, my wife and I negotiated a $6B opioid epidemic budget with then Speaker Paul Ryan that did ok as far as public awareness of Opioids. But now our country is in a drug FREE FALL! That is why on Wednesday I’m going suggest to the newly elected Governor of Michigan – Tudor Dixon, that we create a department called “Fentanyl Fathers”. Why give a boy a MAN’S JOB?! 

Us VERY pissed off fathers will do like Wayne Gretzky taught us – “skate to where the puck is GOING to be!” We’ll channel our very real grief into the productive warning system of visiting High Schools around Michigan and give kids in an assembly setting the Heads Up that “death cometh by Opioids” and how they can maintain “hyper-vigilant readiness to stay clear.” We’ll jazz it up a tad bit more interesting than Nancy Reagan did – but we’ll drive Opioid’s demand through the floorboards and Michigan will become a blue print of prevention success for the U.S. 

The Government won’t stop the killing – they’re complicit. But parents CAN. I call on all Fentanyl Fathers to join me and LMK if you’d be willing to talk to a High School Assembly about the grief you bear. In the last three nights, I dreamt about my Drew each night. He was 3 different ages in the 3 dreams. I loved him through all those ages. Sadly, Politicians and Drug “Kings” DON’T CARE. But Angry Dads? Oh, they care friend. Who DARES get in the way of an Army of Angry Dads?! A hopeful sign of the times came November 7th:

“McCarthy added that party lawmakers would not present a bill to fix the broken immigration system until the border is secure — something that would help stem the flow of fentanyl.”

https://www.newsmax.com/newsfront/kevin-mccarthy-speaker-gop/2022/11/07/id/1095154/ – Monday, 07 November 2022 09:19 AM EST

Author Gregory Swan can be reached at Greg@GODclick.com

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