Dear Monsignor Hogan,

Thanks for becoming the Good Samaritan last night – my wife’s car charged it for a bit longer – and it started! 

It must be the prayer I said (and wrote) right before church but I believe I was supposed to have my car die so I could pitch you about a better way to recruit Priests.

I have put together a simple proposal with the goal of pushing the Archdiocese of Detroit from Zero to Hero (This year’s number vs. next year’s recruit number at 50.) 

I believe in what you said about Archbishop Vigneron’s message that “We still have hope if we have a prayer!” I also subscribe to “faith without works is dead” and what my 100% Irish mother and St. Fabian founding family matriarch taught me: “God helps those who help themselves.” 

Here is the idea I verbalized to you that came to me in the back pew as you spoke – all in a one sheet nutshell link=>:


The Archbishop as Uncle Sam – recruiting Priests in a savvy digital campaign.
But where does it run? TO CATHOLICS ONLY!!!

But How?!?  That is where I can really help. I have been tracking Michigan’s 10,071 churches and their church goers since 2018. Not only that – I already sell to Catholic Colleges for Admissions and that is where many potential priests – your Zach Alter-Man not withstanding at Lawrence Tech – are attending. These Heat Maps show you exactly where the Catholic audiences are crowding into churches.

You know I am applying for an annulment – because now I finally know our Catholic Church is the real legit deal! My dad always said I was a “late bloomer”. It all started with my first confession to you – Oh LORD I hope you forgot what I told you!

If you were sincere about pinging Archbishop Vigneron about this idea (you seemed genuinely enthused) – now you have art work – even a PDF if you download it. 

If for some reason you have cold feet knowing what a sinner I am – or maybe you feel a conflict of interest, no problem. I can perhaps still get it to the Archbishop through one of two deacons – Deacon Mike McKale (runs my Wednesday Bible Study) or Deacon Joe Karle – who knows the Archbishop’s right hand Deacon. I know Joe through digital ad-tech – he previously ran Ford’d digital account. However, who is to say you are not in your royal position for such a time as this?! 

We have a year. Shouldn’t we mix some wisdom and action with our prayers for recruits? My CPM is $14.95 and I will discount $2 from there for the Catholic Church for sure. But none of that matters if the idea isn’t accepted.
Please let me know what results from here my Irish brother & father. I spent a little time on this because I 100% believe it will fly.

Warm Regards,

Greg Swan 

PS: I will send you the idea in actual art form but this first email was without attachments so I could be sure it went through. Thanks.

Gregory Swan

GODclick.com CEO
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From: Joe Karle <jkarle67@gmail.com>

Subject: Re: Vigneron Update

Date: June 7, 2022 at 11:15:34 EDT

To: Gregory Swan <greg@godclick.com>

Hey Greg,

Yes the priest vocation issue is a big one.  The Archbishop has the entire AOD doing a year of prayer (during all Masses) for vocations.  The problem is families, parents and such are not encouraging vocations like they used to.  Back in our parents’ day, typically families were larger (more children) and there was more of a prayer and encouragement of vocations for the boys/young men.  Today, families are smaller (usually a couple children) and parents all want their kids to get married.  

My family is an example of this.  I had two great aunts who were nuns.  I had a great uncle who was a priest.  Both my dad and his brother (the two boys of the four children in my grandparents’ family) went to the seminary with the plans of becoming priests.  Now thankful for me that my dad ended up following a call to married life!

And on the positive side, we have a lot of men following vocational call to ordained diaconate ministry (like me). 

Keep me posted on your progress with Hogan and when ready I can get you connected with Deacon Mike Houghton.