Al’s Journey Home & Greg’s path back docked in the same harbor: The True Church. Greg erroneously published 31 Million Incomplete Bibles with only 66 books! Doh! Now a Born Again Catholic – Greg is like a 7 year old at Disney World. He wants to take all the rides before the park closes. Here are 5 rides he’d like to discuss with Al in a 45 minute meeting – 5 minutes for pleasantries and 8 minutes on five“not so bad” ideas to tweak or toss with Al’s advice.

  1. Podcast Proposal: A better 1 Year Bible: Father Mike’s Schmitz has the #1 Podcast in America and ZERO competition to go through the Bible in a year….UNTIL NOW. We combined the successful Tyndale format (not chronological – I’ve been reading it since 1987; Drew Swan read it his entire life) with the USCCB approved GNT to stay UNboring daily – even when we hit “Leviticus”. 

2. Saving Catholic Colleges: Problem: Students in Catholic colleges and universities decreased for the first time since stats began in 1970. 2021: 730,803 – down 53,987 from 2015: 784,790. Solution: Guide One Million students into Catholic colleges & universities by 2030 via‘s location tech.

3. Saving Sarah Fisher Orphanage. The Fisher Center was built in 1929 and once included a school, chapel and living arrangements for more than 200 children. I went to Grade School with Frita Freda, Darlene, and Robby who all hailed from “Sarah Fisher”. In 1984 I was a foster brother to Eddie who lived there. Now it’s empty with bidders trying to change it into a retirement home site while Farmington says “No’’. Let’s make it LIVE again for 200 orphans. I’d be happy to run it as Babe Ruth would have had he lived longer.

4. Pro-Life Politics | Calling out the Catholic Church for Life – Politicians and Voters.

5. Cool Catholics (Teen Show). A Show hosted by Your Truly called “1001 Great Comebacks” – presumably comebacks to peer pressure – to stay off drugs, the #1 killer of young people with over 100,000 ODs last year. Based on a book co-written by the late Drew Swan. A talk show format interviewing Michigan’s Coolest Catholic High Schoolers. The Screen test: WMUZ interviews with Robin Sullivan & 1 Minute Bible. #1: WMUZ 1 | #2: WMUZ 2 | #3: The One Minute Bible.