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I deeply respect your opinions from CONTAMINATED. “Instead of pulling bodies out of the stream, let’s put a gosh darn fence up.” – Nichole Dawsey

Guess who I have discovered are the MOST motivated to do so? Angel Parents. (Bereaved) I know because I’m one. was my first born son. We all desperately want our dead kid’s life to still make a difference. It’s unbearable otherwise. The “good news” is a volunteer workforce of 200,000+ bereaved parents was freshly minted in 2021.Prevention mission:  We need to charge into ALL 25,000 HS Assemblies to warn them about Fentanyl or 2023 will produce 100K more dead kids! I’m on it.

There is a “heads up” prevention format has already been booked in LA during January for all Public Schools by VOID: I challenge you to invest 21 minutes today and watch “Dead on Arrival.” 

Say a St. Louis High School junior is cramming for exams and “needs” some adderall to pull an all nighter. She’s trying to get into Georgetown. With no prescription, she orders one pill from a “trusted” source on snap chat – delivered right to her home, telling the folks to “relax, it’s my Door Dash order”. 6 in 10 of all unprescribed pills has fentanyl. That student then wakes up dead and her parents are destroyed.

Sandy Snodgrass (Mother of Bruce – “Bruce’s Law”) just yesterday met with Senator Murkowski who said she is now officially fast tracking a vote on the bipartisan law before the new Senate – yet this year. In October Senator Lisa Murkowski – perhaps by divine providence – witnessed a Fentanyl OD right in a grocery store parking lot she was “randomly” in. 

The goal, the MISSION, is to nationalize what we’re planning to film at my alma mater in early January delivered to America’s 25,000 schools in person by the available, willing army of bereaved parents. My high School is named Brother Rice.  They are helping to make Fentanyl Fathers become the of Fentanyl. BTW fentanyl slaughters over 10X annually of what drunk driving does – mostly kids. The CDC just lowered America’s #1 killer ages to 14-45, vs the previous 18-45. And that “45” number is a CYA – its MOSTLY kids. 

On January 3rd I meet with my classmate of BR ’80 – Bob Carey- in DC to take this into the Military as well. On January 15-30 I’m in Alaska at HS Assemblies with the two Alaska U.S. Senators who are sponsoring and co-sponsoring the “Bruce’s Law” bill. 

In our opening assembly here in Michigan, Archbishop Vigneron (VP of the, U.S. Senator Gary Peters (coming because MI broke its own death record last year), and my Brother Rice High co-alumnus and newly elected Congressman John James (promised to me directly on election night) all will to be present or have a representative there at the Brother Rice Assembly. ABC’s Channel 7 will likely cover it. They certainly did when we announced 5 years ago. I will have it professionally filmed & edited.

We’ve been hammering away at this a while. In 2018 we created a $6B budget with Paul Ryan. But it was wasted on media alone (LAZY!) – no school assemblies. Now, it’s urgent to get this message in front of ALL of America’s school assemblies ASAP. The open border promises it’s coming. 2023 is on track for 125,000 dead kids and 1/4 million completely sickened parents.

It will be 45 minutes long. In and out under 1 hour. Again, here is the format and what will be presented. The only difference is substituting my part for a live message on my late son Drew

Angel Parents (Bereaved parents) are driving this. Over 214,000 are created every year. VERY sad, mad, & motivated people. We want to offer full college scholarships as HS Assemblies incentives with Bruce’s Law funding. Preferably we’d like to be requested like LA was (we have reams of hand written letters from students there who say “I had no idea!”), otherwise incentivized or mandated, because since we really want to go out and save lives and WE CAN, then WE MUST!

Here is my yesterday’s Facebook “Christmas” message. I’m no Grinch – yet I really do care.

I look forward to connecting with you. Can we set up a Zoom?

Thanks Nichole,

Greg Swan

Gregory Swan

Fentanyl Fathers CEO
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Please forgive any typos – this issue moves faster than the need to over proof read.